Top 13 Teen Patti Variations to Double the Fun with Cards

India has always been the center of western fascination for two things – the Bollywood and Teen Patti. All credits go to the one who thought Poker was too cruel and needed a Bollywood-like fun between tense moments. It didn’t take long before Teen Patti variations emerged.

Having originated in South India, it emerged as a lively table game having all tenets of western Poker, like the Quick Gun Murugun version of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Only a bit Indianised to spice up rounds between nail-biting moments.

Teen Patti made ripples, giving the western Poker a run for the money because the game rounds were fun, unlike the Poker where players were always under constant stress.

Sure, it wasn’t always a happy ending for players of Teen Patti, but most people took it in good spirit being outwitted by witty ones through trickery and shrewd mental skills. In a nutshell, Teen Patti wasn’t always about money and pride. It’s a fun game for get-togethers to kill time.

Today, there are more Teen Patti variations than you can count with fingers where every other variation has interesting twists during a player’s turn to fold, call, and raise.

The playing style is also similar to 3 Card Brag, a popular British card game. So stick with me till the end because this is a mash-up of all Teen Patti variations that you haven’t had a chance to fathom and also a few trivia.

Fun Fact: In 2010, a Bollywood thriller based on Teen Patti brought the attention of film buffs and ordinary people to the game. The movie was a box office hit in India and abroad

Teen Patti Variations You Can Play Online

Finally, you’ve made it to the Teen Patti variations and I assure you they’re more interesting than you think. Just like variations in western Poker and other popular card games, Teen Patti has had a fair chance at evolution.

Today, there are 13 exciting variations to try. So, with ado let’s dive in to explore all variations:

1. Best of Four

A regular Teen Patti may need players to begin a game with 3 cards in hand, but for fun try 4 to make the highest 3 card value out of it.

2. 999 Variation

If you can play your hands like Rajnikanth throwing kicks with lightning speed, you must try the 999 variation. In this format, you must match your hand value to 999. The first player to do so quickly is crowned the winner of the round and the pot value.

3. AK47 Variation

This variation of Teen Patti is like the firing rate of AK47. It’s fast and played by 2 to 10 players with A, K, 4, and 7 cards of all suits considered as wild cards. Make the strongest hand value before your opponents get declared as a winner.

4. Royal Variation

In Royal variation, the play is accepted from up to 6 players and not more because the number of cards in the deck is limited to 20.

5. Joker Variation

The dealer draws 3 cards from a shuffled deck and the same are dealt to players. Next, the dealer draws a card in no particular order and calls out other cards with similar value or rank to designate as a Wild card. This can be used in a regular Teen Patti round with the designated value.

6. Mufliss (Lowball) Variation

Persuading opponents with the weakest hand to fold is the ultimate goal in Mufliss. It is nearly identical to a regular Teen Patti with the only variation being the use of undisclosed card ranks.

7. Two-Lowest Wild

In this format, 4 cards are dealt to each player where a player’s 2 low-ranking cards are designated as wild cards.

8. Bust Card Draw

Here’s a teen patti variation that’s notorious for brutality at the next level. After every card is dealt, a random card is drawn from the deck. The card will be revealed and those having a similar card in their hand are forced to fold.

9. Lowest Joker Variation

If a player has a lower card in pairs, it’s split into 2 Jokers because it’s the lowest card in each player’s hand.

10. Face-off Variation

In a face-off variation, much of the Teen Patti format is carried over except for one. Each player is dealt with face-off cards A, K, Q, J, 10.

11. 4x Boot Variation

If you like the risk multiplied by 4, try this boot variation where a starting deposit to the ante is 4x its normal value. In this format, the pot value is quickly raised and the winner will gain a large pot value compared to a traditional Teen Patti.

12. High Wild

In this format, the highest-ranking cards in the player’s hands are designated as wild cards, while the low wild and other rules remain unchanged.

13. Revolving Joker Variation

The joker is changed whenever a player folds. However, a fold during a slideshow enables the dealer to choose 3 jokers from a deck.


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Teen Patti vs. Western Poker

Before I get to the Teen Patti variations, let me give you a glimpse of what the game is all about and how it varies from Poker because some of you could help with a brief outline of the game.

Killing time with card games has long been an ancestral hobby which we continue to cling onto. Some of us who’ve gotten better at traditional card games needed something even better. Of course, becoming bored with the routine is a human thing.

Rarely do we stick to something primitive like the apeman who decided to call it quits playing ape for the sake of boredom.
It was also the case for Poker because it has existed since time immemorial and many variations of it have already been played by millions worldwide for years. So, it’s clear the casino lovers needed something different for a change.

variations in teen patti online

There is no denying Poker’s influence on serious gamblers because of the unpredictability of rounds keeping loose and tight players adrenalised till the winner is decided.

However, it needed something better to amp up the fun, so Indians took the task upon them to make a game that’ll go on to be the talk of town including the western casino circles. Ergo, enter Teen Patti with its offer of twice the fun and slightly less brutality.

Teen Patti owes part of its popularity to the explosion of the dot-com bubble. Today, players join a table using just a smartphone. A round of Teen Patti can be played anytime, anywhere. So the obvious question people are asking is what differences exist between Teen Patti and Western Poker. The difference may be subtle but it’s noticeable enough.

Fun Fact: Teen Patti was called Flash or Flush in certain parts of the world and only needed a deck of 52 Anglo-American cards and most importantly, a player’s counting skill.

A Little Bit About the Teen Patti Game

If you’ve played the 3 Card Brag and Teen Patti, you’ll be hit by a sense of familiarity because they are nearly identical.

The teen patti game rules are pretty simple. A total of 4 to 7 players participate in a round of Teen Patti whereby a deck of 52 cards is played. The rank of cards are ordered from high to low where the Ace is high and Two is low.

Before commencing the round, an ante or boot amount (minimum stake) agreed upon by players are collected and placed in the pot. This amount grows during each round and will be the reward that a winner takes home.

The cards are dealt from the deck after all players have deposited the minimum stake. All cards are dealt face down in a clockwise manner until each player is left with three cards in hand. It’s against the game’s spirit to reveal cards in hand because it gives opponents an edge. The ultimate criterion to become a winner is to have the best hand.

An Overview of Poker

At the Poker table, players vie against each other, betting with hopes that their hand is better than the opponents they’re facing off. When a player’s turn arrives, he or she is left with three options – fold, match, or raise. This continues until a winner with the best hand is declared.

Poker is addictive because it’s a combination of skill and strategy. For a long time, Poker was touted the mother of all card games because winning tactics were many and it was difficult to stick to the same strategy against different players.

Two popular Poker strategies regularly used are:

  • Bluffing opponents
  • Analysing the body language

Loose players play their hands more often and give off signs of bad hand by calling at times when they shouldn’t. This places tight players on the home run, but then there are cases where too many loose and reckless players end up impeding an easy win for tight players. The consensus is that playing tight has better prospects than playing loose.

Like Teen Patti, Poker has variations too. One that stands out and deserves a mention is Texas Hold ‘Em. It’s also a variation that goes head-to-head with Teen Patti.

The main difference between Poker and Teen Patti is that the former is where the community cards are dealt to players so each of them forms a five-card hand while the latter has players with a goal to form a three-card hand.

Poker is mainly played in three stages:

  • The Flop
  • The Turn
  • The River

After the third stage, the player’s hand must be revealed and the one with the best hand is declared a winner.


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Loose versus Tight Player Strategy

In Teen Patti, you are likely to see 2 player types:

  • One who plays tight
  • The other siding with a loose strategy

Each player adopts one of these playing styles and carries it till the end. The question most people ask is who is easier to face off and what side do best players pick?

Playing tight has better odds when the table has a majority of loose players. This forces players with weaker hands to fold more often. A loose player is likely to bet on weak hands by calling when it’s not needed.

Too many loose players can screw up players with strong hands because the strength of reckless players, if many in number, can make it difficult to read the range.

Therefore, it would be wrong to assume that loose players are easier to profit off because a player could be good at playing loose if risks are well-calculated and the range is carefully understood.

On the contrary, when the table has tight players in the majority, its best to go with a loose aggressive strategy. The analogy is that playing loose persuades a tight opponent to bleed chips while waiting for good cards and playing marginal hands. The only caveat while playing loose is that tight players already have an edge with better hands most of the time.

Indian Teen Patti: Playing Tips and Winning Hacks

Everybody loves Teen Patti tips and hacks that increase their winning odds and being a game of skill, there are plenty of strategies for all types of players. I will talk about all strategies on another post because it deserves a topic on its own.

For now, I will cover the best ones for tight and loose playing styles:

  • Start a round by betting small and increase the bet size as the round progresses.
  • If you play tight, wager larger amounts to send loose players into panic mode. If done right, a few opponents may fold early, effectively preventing a raise.
  • Learn to bluff like a pro by convincing opponents that you have a strong hand. One of the best ways to pull off a convincing act is to bet aggressively and carry smug gesture.
  • Always open up your senses to look for subtle signs your opponents are subconsciously giving off through their behaviour.
  • Interpreting these signs correctly can help you persuade opponents to fold.
  • Increase the pot money by playing blind to force one or more opponents to play their hands or risk losing chips.
  • There is no greater advice than to have a presence of mind and patience because it helps you sense opportunity hiding in plain sight or other player’s vulnerability.
  • Don’t wait endlessly for better cards to land in your hand because staying longer with a weaker hand is like a ticking bomb. So know your limits and fold if necessary because you’ll still have money to start over in another round.

The Traditional Rules of Teen Patti

Teen Patti is fun and maniacal if you are facing off fanatical players who’d go at you with their best or worst strategies. To stay in the game longer with a competitive spirit, you must know how the game works to seize the opportunity that hits upon you at unanticipated moments.

Here are rules you must bear in mind during a round of Teen Patti:

  • Teen Patti is nearly identical to Poker and Rummy because the table accommodates 3 to 6 players and the game is played with an Anglo-American deck of 52 cards.
  • The first step is to agree upon a minimum bet with opponents and contribute that amount in the boot or pot placed in the centre of the table.
  • Next, cards are dealt by the dealer until each player has 3 cards in hand.
  • The game begins when players receive their turn to call or raise the stake.
  • Calling indicates their decision to stay in the game and willingness to contribute money matching the pot value.
  • On the other hand, if the player raises, then a bet of higher value is added to the pot by risking forfeiture of all contributions to a player with a better hand.

Note: Unlike Poker, in Teen Patti, the betting amount is always equal for players. If a succeeding player raises the bet by 4 chips, then the preceding player must match his or her bet with 4 new chips, but not less.

Turn after turn, the pot value grows and players begin to fold till the last one stands with a strong hand or the highest card value. The winner is declared and gets to claim the pot value.

Card Ranking in Teen Patti

To bet like a pro, you must be aware of the card rank to correctly play your hand in a round of Teen Patti. Here’s how each card set is valued from highest to smallest:

  • Trail or Set: All cards with similar rank
  • Pure Sequence: Cards from the same suit
  • Sequence: Cards from dissimilar suits
  • Colour: Unsequenced cards from the same suit
  • Pair: Highest value among two pairs where the winner of similar valued pairs are picked by a kicker’s card
  • High Card: Unsequenced cards that may not be from the same suit. The winner among two opponents with the same high card is picked by the next highest card


Teen Patti is currently among top-rated casino games that even the western audience has become more interested in. The game is exciting from the get-go with players pushed to the brink exploiting all of Poker’s best strategy to deny their opponents a stronger hand.

The rewards are no less and it’s what motivates players to unleash their maverick playing styles. As more stakes are added during the game, the reward gets juicier, prompting players to compete neck and neck to win the pot value.

Not just that, Teen Patti variations that are mentioned here add extra mirch to game rounds while keeping players on the edge.
Until a few decades ago, Teen Patti was mostly played at brick and mortar casinos or private venues. Today, casinos accept play online by just filling a few fields and signing up for an interesting round.

The online version of the Teen Patti has gotten better as avid players are being wooed with sign-in bonuses and seasonal offers to bring them aboard. So, why not try your hand now?


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