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July 14, 2021
play rummy for free

Guide to Playing Rummy without Money

Arguably one of the most famous card games ever, Rummy is an addictive and lucrative game that has taken India by storm. Played by the common joe in street corners and the high rollers in infamous casinos, the simple rules of Rummy and the quick results it yields make it a crowd favorite.

Regardless of your intention to make money or to play Rummy for fun, you ought to start by playing the game for free, to begin with. It pays to know the advantages of winning first, the strategies to play with 1 to 5 players, the ropes of the games even when you play the game for free.

Once you are confident enough to play Rummy for money, there are a plethora of options online where you can grab welcome bonuses, free bonuses, and daily player bonuses as well.

Varying on the initial deposit, these bonuses are usually offered with extra, instant cash that is added to your account. The opportunity to grab no deposit bonuses and other perks are fairly high with Rummy in comparison to other online casino card games.

Free Online Rummy

Like Bruce Lee once famously said:

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Rummy, in a similar fashion, reveals or unveils a new move or strategy between every card you play. So, make sure you are proficient and confident while playing with one player or 5 players alike.

Regardless of your concentration being perched on making a meld of the sequence or a series of the same suit, playing Rummy numerous times, memorizing the values right from the “ace” to the face cards always pays off.

Remember the objective of the game with every move and do not get carried away with the scorecard.

The objective of Rummy is to exhaust all your cards before any other competitor does and if you play long games to outplay other players, Rummy could quickly backfire, so be mindful of this.

There are numerous websites that allow you to play Rummy for free, right off the bat, on the homepage of their websites. You may take complete advantage of this and practice playing all your cards and with as many as against 5 players as well.

Once you think you are ready to play Rummy for money, I suggest you play a few more games for free because, hey, money is money and Rummy played for money could be drastically different from the games played for free.

No Deposit Rummy Casinos

Now that you are aware of the advantages and perks of playing Rummy for free, there is one more thing that may entice you to bet your hard-earned money to play Rummy; the “no deposit bonus.”

A no-deposit bonus is basically free money casinos add to your gaming account (predominantly favors new players or new accounts) and allow you to bet their digital cash to win real cash.

For instance, if you are a new player who is reluctant to add your card details for whatsoever reason, online casinos give you a subtle nudge to take the step by giving you a taste of winning real money.

Do not be taken aback by presuming that this is some sort of “bait & switch” technique the casinos use to take your money. Quite honestly, casinos are just competing with other casinos and need you to play at their casino rather than their competitors’ so there are no hidden agendas here.

Furthermore, be mindful that these bonuses are usually to welcome you and you may exhaust it within no time so do not expect casinos to shell out outrageous bonus money but start betting your own money once you have exhausted the bonuses.

Remember, you may win or lose whilst betting using this bonus money in your account so keep an open mind, take one more step, and who knows, you could win big while betting your own money.

Limitations of a Free Online Rummy Bonus

I’ve explained to you how to go about playing Rummy for free, no deposit bonuses and other details until now. Now allow me to explain to you at what point you should take the step of wagering your money, and one last crucial detail that you need to know about:

Wagering requirements & game contributions.

Wagering Requirements is nothing but the number of times you will have to play the amount in your bonus before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings. This is usually multiplied 10x, 20x, 30x, and in rare cases, even 50x, and at which point the betting becomes unfair.

You need to note that Bonus Wagering Requirements are applied to your account only from the time a bonus is accepted or applied to your account, and not before that.

Now let’s take an example to explain game contributions. If you have ₹100 bonus in your account and the wagering requirement is 20x, you will have to stake ₹2000 (100 X 20 = 2000) if you want your bonus winnings to be transferred to your cash balance. This is a required step if you want to be able to withdraw the winnings from your cash balance.

Playing beyond this point will contribute towards the bonus wagering requirements and each game will contribute a different percentage towards the wagering requirement which is the beauty of playing casino games online.

Some of the usual bonuses provided are Welcome Bonuses, Free Bonuses, Cash Drop, No-deposit bonus, and many more.

When you play Rummy at one of the reputed Indian online casinos which offer mind-blowing bonuses like Free Bonuses which are unlocked upon winning competitions, opportunity to deposit nothing and win everything, explore nook & cranny of the casino without paying a rupee, the chances of winning increases many folds and the chances of losing your money decreases drastically.


Now that I’m done explaining the details of playing Rummy for free, let me impart some wisdom from my personal experience of playing for almost a decade.

I took a while to learn to gamble responsibly, of course, after losing quite a bit of money. But I was introspective enough to formulate a strategy to play any & all casino games.

I did not play beyond a certain time, let’s say 2 hours per day, and did not bet ludicrous amounts of money that I would lose my sleep over. Beyond this time or money, I stopped playing even if I was on a winning streak.

I took a few weeks to learn casino games, both on the table and live Rummy bonuses and quickly realized how insanely unreasonable the wagering requirements & game contributions for no deposit bonuses for table games are that I continued playing live Rummy bonuses only.

Like I mentioned earlier, you will reach a certain point when you are confident to bet your money and so you should. As you gain experience and learn the value of time and money, playing live Rummy bonus is as simple as using common sense.

Let me end the blog by saying that I have done the heavy lifting and made your decision of choosing to play Rummy for free and gradually transcending to win big, so go ahead, click one of the links below and start playing. You have nothing to lose, so let’s see if you have what it takes to be a winner.

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