5 Organizations to Help Problem Gambling in India

February 8, 2021
problem gambling in india

Not all casino players will develop a gambling addiction. But there are some who’ll have an issue right after a few spins of the reels. So, I’ve been reading about addiction lately and was researching if there are any organizations to help problem gambling in India.

Luckily, I found a few and thought that it would be great to share with you guys.

But before that, I would like to tell you a few things.

Sure, you and I are broadminded 21st century Indians, but most family members in India aren’t. One of my friends’ family is supremely traditional and has strong beliefs about some professional jobs.

Similarly, there are some games considered social taboos even though the Government has given them a clean chit. To this day, betting on horse races and staking money in gambling is regarded as an offense as per the Indian laws.

However, the scenario of online gambling in India is very different.

Okay, coming back, gambling can keep you entertained, but when it moves towards addiction, your personal life falls into the dangerous zone.

Fortunately, there are organizations to help addictive/problem gamblers. Their activities usually include:

  • Consultation
  • Self-assessment
  • Advice
  • Counselling

And many more…

For Indian casino players, these organizations can be of great help.

5 Organizations that Help Gambling Addiction in India

best Organizations to Help Problem Gambling in India

If you feel like you or any of your friends/family members might be a problem gambler, then immediately contact the services I’ve listed here.

1. Hope Trust India

Opened 2 decades ago, Hope Trust India provides options for both online and outpatients. Their residential therapies are highly talked about.

In addition, this centre has also partnered with addiction treatment centers in the UK and Canada. From pre-admission to relapse prevention, they have a wide array of treatment options to help you with.

2. Alpha Healing Center

Situated in the city of Vadodara, this center contains state-of-the-art medical equipment and facilities. Their treatments range from special recovery programs for gambling de-addiction to holistic healing methods. What I also found about this organization is that they are affiliated with many reputed US de-addiction centers.

3. Sarvam Health

Located in Panchkula, this center cures various patients suffering from mental disorders. Also, it’s one of India’s top centres for gambling de-addiction programs.

4. Life Line Rehab

Situated in Jammu & Kashmir, Life Line Rehab is one of the best organizations to help problem gambling in India. Here, you can get personal attention for your gambling de-addiction problem. But there are only limited seats in the facility.

5. Sarvam Shahdara

Again, this is a part of the Sarvam Health group and is counted as one of the best de-addiction centers in India. It has advanced medical facilities for any mental problems. Since gambling addiction is related to the mind, you can get the best treatment from this facility.

Gambling in India

Gambling is not a new sport in India. You can find mentions of gambling in the Rig Veda, Ramayana, and Mahabharata.

The later part of our ancient texts, right from Mahabharata have always pointed at gambling as a game, which can cause considerable destruction to your personal life and financial matters if you don’t play responsibly.

But the beauty lies in the way a game is mastered and how it’s played. Gamble too much in ignorance, you lose.

Major Causes that Can Make you to Gamble

Well, the causes can be many. It can be an unhappy argument with your spouse, conversation with your boss, you got a promotion, a tough day in the office, or more.

Wise gamblers play as just a process to wind off their stress, that’s all. 

But there are some who want to escape from reality by indulging in gambling. Have you heard the proverb “From the frying pan to the fire”? They prefer an unhealthy escape plan, resulting in a huge life disaster.

Gambling is certainly fun and a great way to keep yourself entertained. However, for some casino players, this can become the opposite. Both gambling and winning can produce psychological and emotional reactions in the brain. This activity can become pretty addictive. 

Can Gambling Lead to Addiction?

It is hard to believe but yes, if you indulge in gambling for more than 8 hours every week (offline or online) then there are higher chances that you’re addicted.

To bring more clarity and help you know whether you have a gambling problem or not, read the points I’ve mentioned below.

Just assess yourself with these questions and if most of the answers are yes, then it’s a RED sign. And you’re suffering from a compulsive gambling addiction problem.

1. Do you lie about how you spend your free time?

If you’re hiding from friends or family about gambling in your free time, then there are chances of gambling addiction slowly making way to your personal life.

2. Do you get thoughts about gambling often?

Do you think more about winning in a gambling game even while working at the office? Or while doing a walk with your spouse? Then you might be addicted.

3. Do you try to balance the loss?

If you have lost a considerable amount of money in gambling, and continue playing more games to win the lost amount, then this is a red sign. You need to meet a psychiatrist.

4. Have you lost valuable relationships?

Has your wife left you? Are you facing a lawyer notice from your creditors? Have you lost a job recently due to lack of concentration? If yes, then you need professional help.

5. Are you stressed or facing a financial crisis?

If you’re always asking others for little money, or committing crimes to finance your gambling losses, then it is better to consult a psychiatrist and have a detailed discussion with your family members.

6. Are you denying the problem?

Do you fight with your family members when they try to talk about your gambling problem? If yes, then you’re addicted for sure.

7. Do you spend uncontrollably while playing games?

If you don’t have any control on how much money you’re spending on gambling, then it’s a clear red flag.

8. Are you stealing items or money just to gamble?

Stealing money or any other valuables from your own house or others is a clear sign that you’ve gone too far my friend. And if you pawn them and use it to gamble, then it’s even worse.

9. Have you been accused of fraud or theft?

Your love towards gambling has made you resort to unhealthy practices of using others’ money to fund the game. You rely on others or borrow money to pay creditors.

Let me explain more about problem gambling.

What is Problem Gambling?

Gambling is a process that involves your thoughts and emotions. When done in excess, it can turn into an addiction soon. This phase is called Problem Gambling or Gambling Addiction.

It’s a stage where you suffer an uncontrolled response to gamble even though aware of its negative actions. You’re financially broke, would have lost millions in gambling, but still have an extreme rush or urge to play more.

What is Compulsive Gambling?

Compulsive gambling (gambling disorder) is another phase of gambling addiction where you’ll have an uncontrollable feeling or urge to continue to gamble even though you have lost everything. 

This is a stage where you would have completely broken, and yet are in a fantasy world to play and win big money.

Note: Compulsive gambling can eventually turn into bipolar disorder or any other serious mental health issues.

The major problem with gambling addiction, similar to its counterparts, is that you fail to realize the disastrous effects of your negative actions.

Getting Help

Growing up in a country like India, I’ve been seeing different types of addictions like drinking, gambling, and drug abuse. And I know exactly how our society perceives this as. It’s evil! It’s a sin!

So, it is a little difficult to even find a proper support network, like in other countries.

gambling addiction help in india

Taking The First Step Towards De-addiction

Congratulations! You’ve already taken the first step by reading until this section.

Accepting the problem is the first step towards enlightenment. 

You can talk to a primary doctor. If you’ve become a compulsive gambling addict, you’re likely to get treatment from a psychology expert to get rid of the problem.

Prepare yourself to meet the expert

Have the below mentioned list ready to get the best value from your appointment.

  • You need to make a mention of every emotion when you indulge in gambling. Don’t forget the triggering factors.
  • Have you undergone any life changes? Loss of loved family members or sudden change in financial matters etc. If yes, then tell it to the doctor.
  • Did you change your medications recently? If so, have the details ready.

Questions to ask your doctor

  • What’s the best way to handle the gambling addiction?
  • I have put forward some alternatives. Are they best for my addiction?
  • Is your counselling enough? Or do I have to seek other specialists?
  • Can I get professional help as an outpatient or do I have to participate in a residential treatment program?
  • Do I have to read certain websites or follow some exercises?

Questions you can expect from your doctor

It is likely that you will also be asked to answer a volley of questions. So, be prepared. The questions are:

  • How did the gambling addiction start?
  • How many times do you gamble in a week?
  • Do your family members know about your gambling?
  • How much money do you stake?
  • Have you tried to quit the habit on your own? The results.
  • Have you undergone prior treatment for the gambling addiction problem?
  • Do you have money, if needed, for the rehabilitation programme?

De-addiction Treatment for Problem Gambling

  • Psychotherapy: You need to undergo behaviour therapy to quit compulsive gambling. You’ll learn skills that will make you kick off the habit. There is another therapy called Cognitive behavioural therapy, which makes you realize your negative thoughts and helps you to replace them with positive emotions and thoughts.
  • Medications: Did you become a habitual gambler because of depression or other behaviour disorders? In these situations, mood stabilizers can help you get out of the situation.
  • Self-help groups: By being a participant, and helping others, you can quit your gambling habit.
  • Relapse: Even after successful treatment of therapy, there is a 30%chance of you becoming a gambler again. Prone to those thoughts, contact your medical doctor without a second.


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