James Bond Roulette Strategy: Does it Work? 

There are many strategies you can apply while playing a game of online roulette. But there’s one great tactic that’s seldom talked about it. It’s none other than the James Bond Roulette Strategy. So, is it as legendary as the man himself? Let’s find out.

The name is Bond. James Bond!

Yes. Everyone has heard of the man and the legend himself. As you probably know, James Bond (codename 007) was a badass secret agent for MI6. There are quite a number of books and movies about the character’s interesting exploits and adventures. 

If you are a fan, you’ll know that no James Bond script is complete without some Gambling! 

Although he was more of a poker and baccarat guy, in the book “Casino Royale” by Ian Flemming, Bond took a shot at Roulette. 

Not long after the publishing of the book, Roulette players took note of the strategy and started implementing it. Naturally, it was referred to as the James Bond Roulette Strategy

The question now is, does it work? You’ll find out soon enough but first, let’s start with the basics.

What is the James Bond Roulette Strategy?

Named after such a high profile character, one would expect the strategy to be a bit complex and hard to pull off, but I assure you it is not. In fact, it falls under the category of “Easy Betting Systems To Learn.” 

The James Bond Roulette Strategy is a flat betting system. Unlike most popular betting systems that require you to increase or decrease your wager after a win/loss, this strategy requires you to repeatedly bet the same amount (at least, in the first few rounds).

Before I begin analysing the strategy itself, you should know the different elements of the James Bond Roulette betting system. These include:

  • Even bet: This term is used to describe outcomes with only two options. For example, Roulette offers three even bets – red/black, odd/even, low/high. They are all even because the outcome can only be one of two things. If you choose to bet on a colour, the outcome will either be red or black. It also applies to a group of numbers like low or high. In this case, the outcome will either be 1-18 which counts as low numbers or 19-36 which are high numbers.  
  • Line bet: This occurs when you place a bet on 2 rows, each consisting of 3 numbers. It is also referred to as the Six Number Bet. For example, you can place a bet on the numbers between 13-18. Following the James Bond Strategy, this will increase your number of bets to 24. I’ll explain this later in the article.
  • House Bet: When you place a bet on “0”, which is the house number or pocket, you make a house bet. In this case, if the ball lands on 0, you win a generous sum of money. It is also called an Insurance bet.  

Now that the types of bets have been explained, we can get down to the rules of the strategy.

The James Bond roulette method requires you to do the following: 

  • Set your wager to 20 units. To make this easier, you can start with ₹20, ₹200, or even ₹2000, depending on your bankroll (and confidence). 
  • Remember the three bets. 
  • Out of the 20 units you set aside, place a bet of 14 units on the high numbers 19-36 (even bet).
  • Bet 5 units on the numbers 13-18 (line bet).
  • Bet the remaining 1 unit on 0 (house bet).
  • Once the units have been shared, confirm it and let the ball roll.
  • If a win occurs, bet the same 20 units for the next round.
  • If a loss occurs, i.e the ball lands on any number between 1-12, you can either bet on the same 20 units again or apply the Martingale system, which requires you to double your wager after each loss.

As you can see, the James Bond Strategy involves covering most of the numbers on the Roulette wheel to increase your chances of winning. 

With the three bets combined, you own 25 numbers (outcomes) in total. A Roulette wheel contains 37 numbers so statistically, this means you have about 68% winning chance. Only 12 numbers remain untouched and belong to the house.

James Bond Roulette Strategy

How Does it Work?

The James bond strategy includes 3 bets. Each bet covers a section of the Roulette wheel, making sure that you own more than half of the pockets on the wheel. 

The logic is that, if you can cover most of the outcomes on the wheel, your chances of winning become higher.

The wager is supposed to be 20 units per spin. If you want to go by the book, you can wager ₹200 just like James Bond did. 

However, you only need a base stake of ₹20. You can change this depending on your bankroll or the Roulette table limits. 

Since you now know the rules and the general idea behind the strategy, let’s take a look at how exactly it works and then a practical example.

  • To get things started, you need to divide your wager (20 units) into three. 
  • To increase your chances, ensure that your wager is not divided equally. Instead, weigh the odds of the bets and allocate the units accordingly. 

Even bets contain 18 numbers or outcomes. Statistically, they offer a 47% to 48.6% chance of winning. This is why the greatest stake should be placed on even bets. 

A line bet contains 6 numbers, which makes the odds also relatively high, so you can allocate a decent amount of your budget for it. 

Lastly, you can place the remaining unit (which is usually 1) on the house number since it offers fewer chances – 1/37.

Note that this strategy only works for European Roulette which has a single “0” pocket. The American Roulette has two zeros or house pockets, ‘0’ and ‘00’, which changes the odds and makes it significantly harder to win when using this method.

Let’s assume that you’re playing at a live casino and starting at ₹200. Following the James Bond Strategy, for each spin, you’re to bet:

  • ₹140 on the high outside bets, 19 – 36
  • ₹50 on the line bets, 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 – 17 – 18 
  • ₹10 on the house bet, 0

Although the greatest stake is placed on the even bets, it actually gives the lowest payout. This is because it covers more numbers and, therefore, offers higher odds. 

In this game, the bet with the lowest odds will give the highest payout. So according to this, landing on the house bet will pay you more than the line bet and even bet.

  • An even bet win pays 1 to 1
  • A line bet win pays 5 to 1
  • A straight-up zero or house bet win pays 35 to 1

Once the units have been shared, your total bet will cover 25 numbers out of 37, which is more than two-thirds of the numbers on the Roulette wheel. 

With numbers 0 and 13-36 in your court, only numbers 1-12 are left for the casino. Thus, if the ball stops on any of those 12 numbers, you will lose. 

Knowing all this, we can say that there are only 4 possible outcomes of the spin, which are as follows:

  • The ball hits any number between 19-36 and you win a profit of ₹80
  • The ball hits any number between 13-18 and you win a profit of ₹100
  • The ball lands on 0 and you win a profit of ₹160
  • The ball hits any number between 1-12 and you lose your ₹200 wager

If you’re still confused about how the payout is calculated, it’s simple. All you need to do is remember that you’re placing 3 bets with each spin. 

So, if the number 21 comes up on your first spin, you would win ₹140 because it is an even bet and the payout is 1 to 1. 

However, winning 1 bet means you lost the other 2 (line and house bet). This means they’ll count as losses and you’ll have to subtract the amount from your winnings. 

If your spin resulted in a number 16, you would win ₹250 (5 x ₹50). In this case, the even bet and the house bet are lost. So you would have to subtract ₹140 and ₹10, leaving you with a profit of ₹100.

If you’re extremely lucky and your spin came up 0, you would win ₹350. Again, subtracting the bets you lost, ₹140 and ₹50, would leave you with a ₹160 profit.

Finally, if the ball lands on a number between 1-12, you will lose ₹200 to the casino and might have to double your stake for the next round using the Martingale system. This will help you recover your loss and also earn you a little profit.

Statistically and logically, this method should turn the odds in your favour. I mean, you’re covering most of the numbers so that has to beat the house edge, right? Unfortunately, it does not. 

If you’re not careful with the progression or perhaps you forgot your rabbit foot, you’re more likely to experience more losses than gains. 

Utilising a progressive betting system can help reduce your losses, however, it might also backfire and make you lose even more. 

The only sure way of mitigating this problem is to play at legit Indian online casinos that offer bonuses. When you use the bonus money, you don’t have to touch your own bankroll and so, it won’t affect you if you lose.

Does the James Bond Strategy work for Roulette?

Due to the reputation of the hot-shot secret agent and gambler, the James Bond Roulette strategy was bound to attract the attention of other gamblers. 

But the fact is that James Bond is a killer for sure, unfortunately, his strategy isn’t. The James Bond strategy does not work for Roulette. 

It is simply a fictional strategy that became popular because of the renowned character and also the system’s attractive statistics. 

A brief appraisal of the strategy will leave you feeling like you’ve struck a gold mine because one of the bets you’re supposed to place covers half of the wheel already (outside/even bet). 

In addition, you also get to cover numbers 0 and 13-18, expanding your domain to ¾ of the wheel. 

However, taking a closer look at the strategy, you’ll find that the three bets are completely independent. 

The reality is that James has made 3 completely independent bets. They aren’t connected or special in any way. In fact, the bets don’t even represent any specific section of the wheel. 

Yes, the strategy covers most of the numbers and has a good chance of winning. But there’s still a 32.5% chance that the spin will result in one of the 12 free numbers and let’s not forget the 2.7% house edge which makes it difficult for you to win in the long run.

There are several Roulette simulators you can use. Simply place your flat bets and compare the win rate with the expected result from the Random accuracy. You’ll see that the winning rate of the James Bond strategy is the same as the random one. If you want extra proof that the strategy really does not work, you can try placing bets of the same size over a significant number of spins. 

Things to Note if you want to Apply the Strategy Anyway

Let me be honest. This strategy looks solid and too good to pass up. Even with the negatives highlighted in this article, it is okay for you to still want to try it out once or twice and test your own luck and guts. 

But before you apply this strategy, there are two key things to remember:

1. It doesn’t overcome the odds

As awesome as it may seem, the James Bond strategy doesn’t overcome the odds in Roulette. It is just another Roulette strategy with no real influence over chance. 

The European Roulette wheel has 37 numbers. If you were to spin the wheel 37 times and the ball hits all of the numbers, the results for a ₹20 wager would be:

  • 18 spins for the high numbers (19-36), winning £8 each spin and ₹144 overall.
  • 6 spins for the line bet (13-18), winning  ₹10 each and  ₹60 overall.
  • 1 spin for the house bet, 0, winning ₹16.
  • 12 spins for the casino’s numbers (1-12), losing ₹20 and ₹240 overall.

The math becomes: 

144 + 60 + 16 – 240 = -20

This means that, when you use this system, you stand to lose  ₹20 for every 37 spins. Now I know what you’re thinking. 

What are the odds of spinning 37 different numbers in 37 spins? 

The answer is slim. Really slim. 

The truth is you could win or lose more than that. This is just what you can expect when you play for an extended period of time, using this method. 

2. Don’t use a progression to recoup your losses

If you land on any of the 12 free numbers, you’ll lose your entire wager. In an attempt to get around this and ensure you recoup your losses, you might apply a progressive betting system, which requires them to increase their bet after each loss. 

The problem with this is that you’ll be risking huge sums which you may never recover. And if you do recover them, your profit will be very little. It really isn’t worth it.

Also, the more you increase your bet, the closer you get to hitting the table limit. The James Bond strategy is a flat betting system. It is risky enough on its own. Introducing a progressive system will only make it more dangerous.

If you must use a progressive system, try using the D’Alembert or Martingale strategy alone. They are both risky but have slower rates of progression. The James Bond strategy should be used as it is, flat bets only.

My Final Thoughts…

The James Bond strategy turned out to be rather disappointing. Even though it may seem like a smart move to cover more than half of the wheel, the odds will still favour the online casino you’re playing at. 

As the number of spins increases, the possibility of experiencing successive losses also increases. At the end of the day, you’ll either go over the table limit or lose your bankroll. The strategy can still be useful for short term bets if you play it smart. But don’t expect to rake in millions.

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