Internet Connection Lost While Playing Online Casino Games

July 6, 2021
Internet Connection Lost While Playing Online Casino Games

One of the main and important requirements while playing online casino games is a strong internet connection – either 3G/4G or Ethernet connection. No matter what device you use, good connectivity is a must.

But there are times when your internet connection would have been lost or interrupted. Chances are that you would have lost signal or perhaps, the Wi-Fi network you are connected to might go down for certain reasons.

But you don’t have to worry because this isn’t a big problem. I have been playing casino games for years now and have encountered this issue multiple times. In fact, it just happened last night.

Earlier, I used to panic because this used to happen in the middle of a spin or a live game. Later, I found and realized that all online casinos have appropriate protocols to cover what will happen in the event of connection being lost.

What to do if the Internet Connection is Lost?

The error message “Connection Lost” is a warning that you are not connected to the game anymore. A quick fix is to try restoring your connection or refreshing the page.

Typically, a disconnection occurs due to two things:

  • Your Internet connection has been interrupted
  • You have left the game left idle for a longer time

To minimize your risk of being disconnected from the game, make sure that:

  • You have a reliable internet connection like Wi-Fi, broadband, or 3G/4G.
  • You don’t leave the game idle. If you have opened a game on a browser and it has been a while since you are not actively playing, refresh it so that you are still connected.

What are the Signs of Slow Internet Connection?

You will see the message – “Slow Network” whenever there is a drop in the connectivity. If your system notifies you about this, you will experience these things usually:

  • Slot reels will spin for a longer time
  •  Continuous prompts to rejoin your table
  •  Hands will auto-fold after a virtual bet

What happens to the Game during Lost Connectivity?

Whenever your system senses a connectivity drop, the game will not be able to send information from your device to the operator’s server. Therefore, when a game that you are playing does not see any information coming in, apparently, it assumes that you are done playing.

Generally, it either disconnects or folds.

But once the connection is established again, the device “catches up” suddenly with the operator’s server, and everything becomes normal again.

In short, you don’t have to worry about anything if your connection is lost while playing an online casino game.

Connectivity problems on your side

Internet Connection Lost While Playing Online Casino Games

Live casino games will continue to be in real-time as usual. Even if you have placed your bet, things will be settled accordingly. Once your device re-establishes internet access, and if you have won money, it will appear in your casino account automatically.

On the other hand, if you have not placed any bets, the server assumes that you did not want to place a bet. Therefore, you will be asked to rejoin and place your bet as usual.

Connectivity problems on the casino side

If there is a problem on the casino’s side while playing live casino games, all bet amounts will be refunded to you usually. So, if you had placed a bet, it will be returned, further, prompting you to place the bet once again after the game is back functioning.

Note: Issues on the casino side rarely happen because most casino operators use advanced software and high-end equipment to broadcast in real-time.

When you are playing, nothing will interrupt your gameplay from the casino’s side. So, it all comes down to your internet connection. The casino policies on interrupted live games are usually the same, however, there might be some minor variations.

Therefore, before playing any live casino game, it is always a good practice to check out a casino’s games policy on interruption. Every casino will have appropriate policies in place that allow you to know what can happen if a game goes interrupted. Your money will not be lost and the bets you placed will still be paid if you win.

How to Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Issues?

I have personally done these things whenever I have had issues with my internet connection. So, I am recommending the same to you:

  • If you are using a wireless network, ensure that the signal is strong. Probably, you can move closer to the connection source.
  • To avoid interference, which could disrupt or weaken the connection, ensure that your router is located at the right place. Usually, this means keeping it away from obstructions and placing it high enough from large objects and furniture.
  • Also, note that your router should be kept away from larger electrical appliances like television, stereos, etc.
  • If you are playing from your phone, make sure that it is connected to Wi-Fi rather than your mobile internet.
  • If you are playing from your desktop, use a wired Ethernet connection than Wi-Fi.
  • Close other programs and apps that are running in the background because these can eat up a lot of bandwidth.

 What to do if Something Unusual Happens with the Game?

If you get any of these errors, I recommend you to contact the support team:

  • Graphical errors where the game shows you one result but records something else
  •  Incorrect payouts after lost the connection is lost
  • Game fails to download due to a technical malfunction

Most importantly, do not panic. Things will sort by itself if you log out and log-in back. Moreover, if you are playing at a licensed casino, you’ll be fairly treated and the problem will be handled according to its terms & conditions that you agreed to.

But here are a few things to note:

  • Do not keep clicking the mouse when something goes weird.
  • Leave the gameplay alone if any of the abovementioned error occurs.
  •  Try to take a screenshot so that you will have an evidence to what actually happened.

Contact the casino’s customer support directly and report the problem that you experienced. They will look into the issue and give you a proper solution for it.

Do not get into a heated argument or show a bad attitude to the customer executive, as things can turn bad.

Moreover, it won’t help you to fix things quickly.

What Other Things Should You Know?

These key points will make sure that you’re doing everything at your end to prevent errors:

  • The best way to prevent yourself from encountering issues is to play only at well established or reputed casino sites that use certified game providers.
  • Besides having a strong internet connection, ensure that you are using an updated browser.
  • Clear all your cookies or cache frequently.
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