How to Play Roulette Online for Free and Win Real Money

May 5, 2021
how to play roulette for free

Casinos have always piqued interest in thousands of people around the world. Not only do games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and Roulette give you a chance to escape the world but also allow you to earn huge money. I’m not going to explain each of these games but rather focus on roulette today. So learn how to play roulette online for free and win real money.

But first, let’s get into the basics of the roulette game. 

What is Roulette?

Roulette is a game where a small ball is dropped onto a revolving wheel that has red and black numbered compartments. A player can choose to bet either on red or black. The ball at which it comes to rest on the wheel, determines if the player (who has placed his or her bets on) has won or not.

Roulette is considered one of the most iconic and profitable casino games. It is a high-stake game where a little white ball bounces around the wheel, and luck will determine whether you’ll experience the glitz and glamour of the game or you’ll go back home empty-handed.

Roulette is a game of luck, which can be enjoyed in both land-based casinos and online casinos throughout the world. It was first played in Paris in the late 1700s, and by the end of the 20th century, the game was highly popularised all over the globe. (Source: Wikipedia)

play roulette online

These days, a casino is not considered a casino unless there is one table that offers a game of roulette. 

There are three fundamental variations of the game:

  • American roulette
  • European roulette
  • French roulette

Each of the above variations is slightly different from the other, however, as a player, you should be aware of changes in rules and game terms, so that you can reap the maximum benefit from the game. 

The main reason for roulette is this: you’ll need to anticipate which number a ball will arrive on when the roulette wheel is turned. 

You do this by putting down bets on a roulette board, which contains either 37 or 38 numbers based on the variation of the game you are playing. If your bet is a fruitful one, you’ll get paid. 

A European (otherwise called French) roulette wheel has 37 numbered spaces: 

  • 18 red-coloured slots
  • 18 black-coloured slots
  • Green slot for zero

The American rendition has 38 – the additional space for two slots that have no numbering or zeros. 

If you’re new to playing roulette, then you should start off with the free online version rather than trying your luck with real money in either a virtual setting or a brick-and-mortar casino – just a tip. You don’t want to go in vulnerable.

What is Online Roulette?

Just like the game played in brick-and-mortar casinos, online roulette is similar to a live roulette game. However, an online game comes with a few technical challenges.  

One of those issues is randomisation. Just like all online club games, winning and losses should be created indiscriminately, so it is reasonable for the punters and the clubs to manage their benefits. 

Another challenge to online roulette is that most online casinos work on a program called Random Number Generators (RNGs). The work of these RNGs is to create numbers randomly just like the real-roulette game wheel in live casinos. 

All things considered, in a live roulette game, the slot where the ball lands is generally announced and checked against the player’s expectations. However, in the case of an online roulette game, the arbitrary number that the program has generated becomes the number where the ball would land. 

While many players believe that they are playing against bots, in reality, they are playing against their karma.  

Facts About Roulette

Here we have mentioned a couple of facts about the round of roulette that you might not have known previously. There’s nothing too different from what you may have found on the internet, but to make things easier for you, I have simplified them for you:  

Roulette table 

  • Roulette is the third most well-known game found in the casinos, preceded by slots and craps. 
  • The entirety of the numbers on a roulette wheel amount to 666, which is why it is also called “the devil’s game”. 
  • Roulette gets its name from the French word which means “little or small wheel”. 
  • The marker that is set on the roulette table to imply the winning number is known as a “dolly” and no one including the players can touch or remove the bets from the table. 

Roulette table layout 

play roulette online india

  • Each table observes a standard design however you’ll see that a few variations may wander from your normal set-up. Given that you’re figuring out how to play live roulette, we suggest you initially get comfortable with European roulette before investigating different varieties. 
  • Divided in a system-like way, an ordinary roulette table design highlights 37 entire numbers, going from 0 to 36. Each number likewise comprises an alternate tone – be it red, dark, or green. Around the line of your lattice, you’ll likewise see 12 unique divisions, these are your Outside Bets. 

Roulette Wheel Numbers 

The roulette wheel is designed per the layout presented on the table, a customary roulette wheel has 37 numbers. 

  • 18 of these numbers are painted black (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29, 31, 33, 35) 
  • 18 different numbers are painted red (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 30, 32, 34, and 36). 
  • The final number which is 0 is a green-coloured slot on the wheel just as on the roulette table layout. 

Roulette Ball 

online roulette real money

Toward the start of each cycle, a ball is turned into the wheel to uncover the triumphant number. This ball can differ in size. Normally talking, your normal roulette ball is ⅝” in distance across, yet greater wheels will commonly include balls as extensive as ¾”. 

These are for the most part produced using Ivorine or Teflon. Ivorine balls are considered exceptionally unstable because of their fun nature while Teflon balls are heavier and, subsequently, more unsurprising. 

Odds and probability

  • In the game of roulette, there is no betting system, which is entirely reliable in winning cash from roulette.  
  • European roulette offers better chances to the player than American roulette does. This is because American roulette has the extra 00 number, yet still gives equal payouts. 
  • The five-number bet on 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3 on the American roulette table is a terrible bet that can be played, giving a 7.89% chance of vigorish. 
  • As far as vigorish or house edges go, there is a 3.5% house edge in the Let It Ride game while a 2.3% house edge in the Three Card Poker game. 
  • As far as general bet benefits go, European roulette has a house edge of 2.7%, so if you want to improve your chances of winning more bets, then you ought to pick European roulette over American roulette.

How to Play Roulette Online?

Roulette may look overwhelming and confusing, when you start playing the game at first, however, it’s a straightforward game to play. Each adaptation of roulette consistently begins with you picking at least one bet to make. You do this by tapping the dedicated icons for picking up your bet. 

There is no time restriction in placing the bet when you are playing an online game of roulette as compared to a live game.

In a live roulette game, the dealer should make their bets inside a period limit after that none but the dealer will turn the wheel. However, in an online game, after you or the player have placed your bet, the dealer (bot) will turn the wheel automatically. 

Rules and Terms of Roulette 

The rules of playing roulette are very simple and direct. The game features a cool-looking wheel that highlights red and black slots, which are numbered between 1 to 36, and a couple of green zero slots.

These may change whether you’re playing American double-zero roulette or European single zero roulette. There’s more to the setup. You have a table that has the same numbers and a few extra slots. This is where you place your bet. 

After everyone has put down their bets on the table, the dealer turns the wheel and throws in a little ball. On whichever number the ball stays, that number is considered the winning number. 

Consider yourself lucky for the obvious reason if your ball stays on that number – you earn a payout! That’s what you’ve been learning the rules for.

how to play roulette online

Basic Rules of Playing Roulette Online 

  • You need to put your bet on the selected spots on the table. 
  • Roulette betting shuts after the dealer calls it. 
  • None apart from the dealer can touch the winning and chips of the players who have lost the game. 
  • Under no condition, you can touch the marker of the winning number, when the game is being played.

Types of Bets 

In the game of roulette, you need to bet on one number or a combination of numbers to win big money. That’s completely up to you. There are various types of bets that you can play if you wish to increase your odds of winning big money.

These variations in bets make the game interesting as well as increase the chances of your winning greater. All things considered, the more numbers you bet on, the greater are your odds for success and, along these lines, the lower the prize money you earn from the game.

1. Inside bets 

Knowing the rules of roulette are important. But you shouldn’t restrict yourself to them. There’s more you should know if you are considering committing yourself to the game. 

Apart from the rules of the games, a sharp memory and correct betting strategy can help you increase your chances of better payouts. 

  • If you look closely and study the roulette table design and layout, you’ll be able to figure out that the main part of the table has numbers marked from 0 to 36. 
  • Rest of the area is reserved for betting on gatherings of numbers: odd/even, red/dark, 1-18/19-36, which are divided into columns and dozens. 

The bets that you put on the actual numbers are called inside bets, while the bets that you put on different sections on the table are called outside bets.

2. Outside bets 

As explained earlier, in the game any bets that are placed outside the number field are called outside bets. It is the areas that cover the greater combination of numbers.

There are five regular sorts outside bets: 

  • When you place your bets on the color i.e. Red or Black, the winning number should be placed on either of the colors to win the bet  
  • When you place the bet on the Odd or Even numbers to win the bet  
  • Placing the bet on higher or lower sections of number, i.e either the number should fall between lower section 1 to 18 or higher section 19 to 36 to win the bet 
  • When you place the bet on any of the three dozen number combinations that are present on the table 
  • Placing the bets on one of the three segments to win the bet 

3. Announced bets 

It is the most common form of the betting system used in French roulette. It is often used in different versions of online European Roulette and they are the foundation of the very rules of roulette, which you should know. Furthermore, because they are most commonly used in the French Roulette, most betting systems have French names, which are as follows: 

  • Voisins du Zéro: This is the type of bet where you place your bet on number zero as well as the numbers around it. However, you won’t win the bet if you place the bet on individual numbers, you need to aim to place nine bets covering 17 numbers. This type of betting system increases the chances of payout by 49%.
  • Orphelins: The Orphelins bet is placed on the smallest section of the roulette table. It means that you need to cover the section of the wheel if you want to win the bet.  
  • Tiers du Cylindre: Last but not the least, the final announced bet requires you to place the bets on 12 numbers, which you haven’t previously bet on.  

4. Red/Black splits bet 

The other most uncommon roulette bet that is used in the Finals or Finales variant of the game is called the Red/Black Split bet. In this bet, you can bet on the last digit of the winning number. For instance, if you have placed the bet on Finale 5, you will put down a 5-number bet on 5, 15, 25, and 35. 

Probability of Roulette Game

Roulette is a game where you can either lose all your money or you can go back home with a heavy wallet. 

With 38 numbers (1 to 36, in addition to 0 and 00), the genuine chances of hitting a single number on a straight-up bet are 37 to 1, however, the house pays simply 35 to 1 if you win! Same the payouts on the mix bets. 

Bet Type Winning Space Probability Payout
Straight up Single number even including 0 2.63% 35 to 1
Split 2 adjoining numbers 5.26% 17 to 1
Basket 0,2,3 (or) 0,1,2  7.89% 11 to 1
Street 3 numbers in horizontal 7.89% 11 to 1
Corner 4 adjoining numbers 10.53% 8 to 1
Six line 6 numbers from 2 rows 15.79% 5 to 1
First column 1,4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25,28,31,34 31.58% 2 to 1
Second column 2,5,8,11,14,17,20,23,26,29,32,35 31.58% 2 to 1
Third column 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36 31.58% 2 to 1
First dozen 1 through 12 31.58% 2 to 1
Second dozen 13 through 24 31.58% 2 to 1
Third dozen 25 through 36 31.58% 2 to 1
Even 2,4,6,8………34,36 46.37% 1 to 1
Odd 1,3,5,7………33,35 46.37% 1 to 1
Black Any Black 46.37% 1 to 1
Red Any Red 46.37% 1 to 1
1 – 18 1,2,3,4……18 46.37% 1 to 1
19 – 36 19,20,21,22……36 46.37% 1 to 1


Chances and Payouts for Outside Bets 

People who like to avoid high risks often incline toward the outside bets since they have much better chances of winning. The most famous of them are known as ‘even cash’ bets since they cover essentially 50% of the potential results – except for the number zero (and the twofold 0 in American roulette). All the even bets in roulette are: red or dark, even or odd, 1-18 or 19-36. 

Chances and Payouts for Inside Bets 

Inside bets incorporate betting on a single number or a little gathering of them. There are different approaches to bunch your numbers, however, they are completely identified with the numbers’ situation on the table. As we previously referenced, inside bets have fundamentally lower rewards chances of winning as compared to outside ones, however, their payouts are a whole lot better. 

Winning Strategies of Roulette 

how to win at roulette

It’s a well-known fact that Roulette is perhaps the most popular and exciting gambling game that is played in both online and brick-and-mortar casinos. 

Tragically, while the ongoing interaction of Roulette is very exciting, the chances for players winning a large portion of money is exceedingly low in roulette as well as any game. 

Along these lines, here are a few systems for players to adopt if they want to increase their chances of winning in Roulette

The Martingale System 

The Martingale system is the most common and most used technique in online Roulette. The idea behind this system is extremely simple. All you have to do is increase your bets after each loss, so when you in the long run win, you stand the chance of winning most of the cash that you have lost in the game.  

If you want to reap the maximum benefit from the Martingale system, then you need to place even-cash outside bets. The outside bets have maximum possibility of winning, however, they have less payout of all the other betting systems.  

D’Alembert system 

Like the Martingale system, the D’Alembert system depends on bets set on even-cash slots that are available on the roulette table. However, in the D’Alembert strategy, one unit is added to the player’s stake rather than multiplying the stake after a losing bet, as in the Martingale. After success, the stake diminishes by one unit. 

The Fibonacci system 

The Fibonacci system is one of the most secure Roulette procedures, particularly when you contrast it with other reformist techniques like the Martingale. Despite the way that it’s very protected to utilize, the Fibonacci actually can present to you a few successes. 

In the round of Roulette, the Fibonacci system includes betting by adding the last two bets together. Thus, you can leave with a benefit regardless of whether you lose a larger number of games than you win.

Where to Play Roulette Online in India?

Once you are aware of the game rules and know how to play roulette online, the next step is to head to a good casino that offers to provide the game for free to ensure you master all the strategies that have been highlighted here.

You can begin with the free roulette game sessions that are offered by various online Casino sites, which are not fake and these include:   


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Once you are feeling confident that you can manage to win most of the game, then you can start playing the roulette game for real money, which is also available on these websites. So, what are you waiting for, check out these websites for their roulette table layout, game plans, and more? 

Playing Roulette Online for Real Money or Free?

Before playing any online casino game, it is best advised that you start the game by playing the free version of the game. Once you have gained experience and have understood the strategies of the game, you can start playing the game with real come.  

There is little to no difference between real money roulette and free roulette. However, you should always take out time to test new techniques, strategies, and different types of games with the free roulette game before you’re ready to play for real money.

Like they say – Practice Makes Perfect – well, at least become a Pro. 

Free Roulette

  • You don’t have to worry about losing too much money  
  • You can experiment with different bets
  • Try and test different roulette strategies  
  • You can try different types of roulette  
  • You can play for as long as you like

Real Money Roulette

  • You can win real cash
  • You can enjoy a variety of games  
  • Live dealer tables game for a real casino experience 
  • Special bonuses and promotions make the game even more interesting
  • You can raise and change your stakes

Is it legal to Play Roulette in India?

As there are no federal laws in India regarding the prohibition of online casino gambling, it is legal to Roulette in India. However, the final decision to allow or prohibit online gambling depends on each state. To this date, only a small number of states have prohibited online casinos, which means you can easily play the game of Roulette in most parts of India.


Now that you have learned how to play roulette online, the next step is to play online but I’ll suggest that you start playing with the free version of the game before playing with real money. Practice makes your game perfect, so keep practicing. 

Also, keep in mind the rules of the game, so that you don’t end up losing too much money. Including outside bets, bankroll management is essential. 

Choose your strategy smartly and try a combination of different strategies that include the Fibonacci, D’Alembert, and Martingale roulette strategy. Always be aware of the game type. It is best to always opt for the American version of the game rather than playing European Roulette. 

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