How to Play Andar Bahar at Online Casinos Like a Pro?

Andar Bahar was born when simple people with simple needs wanted to play a simple card game. Once you learn how to play andar bahar card game in online casinos, this simple game can make you an ample amount of money by playing from the comfort of your home. Read this article thoroughly to master the game and win big.

Fact: Invented in the streets of Bangalore, Karnataka, Andar Bahar originated as a drinking game. Making its way to well-renowned casinos across the world, the game can be played in online casinos in India, and this online gambling culture has taken the country by storm.

How to Play Andar Bahar Casino Game

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you know the basics of how to play andar bahar card game, but stay with me, as I teach you how to play andar bahar casino game because there are a few crucial elements you ought to learn.

There are two types of Andar Bahar casino games:

  • Live Andar Bahar: Here, you get to play with human casino dealers who deal the cards in real-time, and you’re able to place bets, interact with real people.
  • Online Andar Bahar: Here, you play andar bahar like any other online card game, where virtual cards, virtual score-keeping, and virtual bettings take place, but the money you win is real.


Once you decide the kind of andar bahar you want to play online, start with the below steps to make the most of your playing experience, and you are sure to win more if you follow the below steps:

  • Choose the online casino that offers the best promotions, referrals, offers, and payment type.
  • Many casinos offer daily, weekly, introductory, new player and other promotions so research this beforehand.
  • Most popular Andar Bahar online casinos that offer great deals are Pure casino, Leovegas, 10CRIC, and Wildz Casino.
  • Try to source a referral code for the website you choose to play andar bahar on and save it to use later.

Open the online casino website of your choice and follow the below steps before you start placing your bets:

  • Step 1: Click ‘sign up’ or ‘join now’ button on the website, which is usually located at the top.
  • Step 2: Complete the necessary process of filling in your personal information such as your name, DOB, email ID, and sometimes your mode of payment and withdrawal.
  • Step 3: Make sure the casino offers the mode of withdrawal you desire, as some of the websites even offer withdrawals in the form of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.
  • Step 4: Confirm that you’re playing from India (or other permitted country)
  • Step 5: Choose your desired username and make sure your password is strong.
  • Step 6: During this process, enter the referral code (if you have one) when asked.
  • Step 7: Once you enter the casino website, your welcome bonus and/or your referral bonus or other promotions will be visible to you.

Note: Most online casinos offer extremely generous bonus codes, referral codes, and other first-time user codes which could be redeemed as real money after playing, so it pays to keep your eyes peeled for this.


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Rules to Play Andar Bahar Online

Before diving headfirst into how to play Andar Bahar online, let’s get acquainted with the rules of the game which could be quite different and stringent compared to playing it in real life.

While playing Andar Bahar online or live, here’s what you need to know:

  • Andar refers to the player’s left side
  • Bahar to the player’s right

Here are some key points that will help you comprehend this game’s rules better:

  • To begin with, the dealer draws the Game Card by shuffling a standard deck of 52 cards and places it facing upward in the middle of the table for both the players to see.
  • As all other games go, the dealer then draws the cards one after the other until the card that is equal to the value of the Game Card appears and places it on the table.
  • The objective of the game is for you and the opposing player to guess if the matching card will fall on either Andar or Bahar. For instance, if the value of the Game Card is 3 and you pick Andar as your guess for the next card with 3 to fall on, you win the game when the next 3 card falls on Andar.
  • The dealer then shuffles the cards, places the Game Card in the middle and the process repeats.

This is the basic gist of the game, and as long as you’re clear with this, you will sail smoothly, but you can surely increase your chances of winning by playing often and being astute.

The same rule applies while playing live with a human or online so place your bets wisely. You will be playing against the dealer, so the house wins every time you lose so this is something you need to be mindful about.

Last but crucial, one commonly applied payout rule favours the bets placed on Bahar. In this rule, winning bets placed on Bahar gets 100% of the bet amount whereas winning bets placed on Andar get 90%.

The extension of this rule dictates that if the winning card appears on the same side as the first card drawn receives 90% of the initial bet while if the winning card appears on the other side than the first drawn card, the winner gets 100% of the initial placed bet.

Placing Bets in Andar Bahar Game

Betting on the Andar Bahar card game is simple and straightforward. You will have to put your stake on any of the 2 outcomes you predict or guess that you will win.

You can place your bet either on:

  • Andar, or
  • Bahar

A dealer begins the game round by shuffling the cards, followed by placing your bets. The dealer cuts the deck of cards to choose one Game Card, which is placed right at the table’s centre.

You will usually have about 10-15 seconds (sometimes even more) to place a bet before the window for betting closes for that particular round. Usually, in online casinos, you will see a screen with a message asking you to place the bets.

In order to bet, do this:

  • Select your chip
  • Choose the section (Andar or Bahar) to bet on
  • Click the ok or tick button

You can even check the minimum bet amount from the table if you want to. The total amount that’s wagered and the money you win after every hand will display on the screen. In case, your guess is incorrect, the House takes your stake.

Probabilities of Andar Bahar Game

Andar Bahar can be lucrative and entertaining if you know how to play it right. Once the dealer puts a card on the table, the game begins. After which, the dealer starts dealing:

  • One card for the Andar’s side
  • One card for the Bahar’s side

The first side that gets a matching card is declared the winner. But the matching card’s suit can be irrelevant. Since it involves players to bet on either the table’s Andar side or the Bahar side, it clearly shows that it’s a game of chance and not luck.

  • Andar bets come with a probability of 0.9:1
  • Bahar bets come with a probability of 1:1

Overall the game gets interesting, as it progresses but what makes it a cherry on top of the cake is the side bets. Interestingly, the andar bahar game comes with 8 side bets, with which you can decide how many cards you want to deal for a specific round.

Let’s say that you are placing bets on 1 to 5 cards prior to the matching card being dealt, the probability will be 3:1. Similarly, for 6 to 10, the odds will be 4:1 whereas for 11 to 15, the odds will be 5:1. Understand that the probability increases whenever the number of cards increases.

Betting optionThe payout or probability 
Andar bets0.9:1
Bahar bets1:1
1 – 5 cards (Side bet)3:1
6 – 10 cards (Side bet)4:1
11 – 15 cards (Side bet)5:1
16 – 25 cards (Side bet)4:1
26 – 30 cards (Side bet)15:1
31 – 35 cards (Side bet)25:1
36 – 40 cards (Side bet)50:1
41 or more cards (Side bet)120:1

Now that you know how to play andar bahar casino game, let’s unveil a few strategies and tricks to use while playing a live game. But before that, let me throw some light on live andar bahar.

Playing Live Andar Bahar

A few years ago, playing at online casinos were only limited to certain casino games like Roulette or Blackjack, which was against the computer—meaning that wasn’t any real or human interaction like the way you communicate with dealers or players at a table.

Though you could still play and win money, it definitely lacked two things:

  • Interaction
  • Human touch

These failed to give a personable experience altogether. But things changed when the concept of Live Casinos were introduced in the gaming market.

Today, when you play in a Live Casino mode, you will see a real human dealing the cards or managing the game for you from a studio. Interestingly, the pictures are streamed in high definition straight into your laptop in real time.

It is the closest thing you will ever find to playing in real time, similar to that of land-based casinos but without any hassles of crowded casino houses.

It’s like having an entire casino inside your pocket, sounds cool, right? The best part? You can even communicate with other players and the dealer via chat, making the experience far more engaging, interactive, and fun.

Speaking of andar bahar live casinos in specific, things can get really interesting if you are a hard core Indian player like me (but I play responsibly. Hope, you are too!). Andar Bahar is an old favourite of most Indians and this live thing has certainly taken things more pleasant and to a whole new level.


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Andar Bahar Winning Tips & Tricks

What may seem like a simple game, many regular practices, keen observations, mathematical strategies, statistical analysis may turn the winning odds in your favour. Few such andar bahar tricks are explained below.

1. Longshot bets

As you evolve from a beginner to a seasoned Andar Bahar player, it will be easier to notice that there would be no matching value card appearing for a while in each game.

You take this knowledge and place no bets until 41 cards are dealt, and the consequential payout of this is often significant compared to regular bets. Many online casinos offer long-shot bets to challenge your expertise.

2. Learn the Odds

Every card game played against the house has odds stacked against it, no pun intended. In Andar Bahar, statistics lean 51.5% towards the side from which the first card was drawn and 48.5% on the other.

You can use this house edge stat to your advantage and bet on the side the card that was first drawn from and beat the house more times than lose against it.

3. Beginners bet

Common sense dictates that you crawl before you run so brace yourself. Andar Bahar is a game of odds, so getting carried away placing bets for significant amounts can do more harm than good.

Playing for longer durations when you begin is also a telltale sign of an impending downfall so play for a fixed amount of time within a fixed budget. Make the most of the free demo many online casinos offer so that you won’t lose money in the learning process.

4. Manage your money wisely

No gambling success story has ever been written on a reckless player. Always carry strictly budgeted money that you can afford to lose and set a limited bankroll even before you start betting.

Irrespective of any other intelligent andar bahar strategy you may be applying, never chase your losses hoping to get lucky and win big because more players lose this way than win, so the wiser man always wins.

5. Side bets

Quite a few online casinos offer side bets which are different from the main game. Before jumping on the opportunity, learn about the odds, the payouts, the background of the particular game and observe from the sidelines.

Doing this will allow you to make a quick buck as a bystander and teach you the ropes of learning variations in the beautiful game of Andar Bahar.

6. Strategise your bets

Martingale and D’Alembert methods are two of the most famous card game strategies used across the world. Placing double the amount on the losing side of Andar or Bahar, Martingale is the negative progression method constructed with the plan that the upcoming card will land favourably to you.

Taking the word ‘gambling’ to another level, Martingale is often used to predict stock market variations and investors sometimes rely on the unreliability of this method.

On the other hand, the D’Alembert method creates controversy and adds spice to the game by betting on the opposite side of the winner.

Applied only to win marginally more than their initial bankroll, gamblers who don’t want to lose or win big utilise this technique. You may add a positive twist to this method and bet on the opposite side of the loser and be an optimist, which may also pay off.


Both live and online Andar Bahar variations have made a name for themselves as the most enjoyable card-based games available online, mainly because of their simplicity.

But simplicity is fun only until a certain extent. Applying knowledge, skill, and experience to win more often can be fun much longer, and the goal of this article is to enable you to unlock these talents.

Caution is key, but with time, everyone can win big, so keep playing—God speed.

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