How Many Betting Positions are there on a Baccarat Table?

You may have learnt the basic know-how of Baccarat but do you know how to really begin? When you learn everything there is to know about how many betting positions are there on a Baccarat table, you are better prepared than anyone else to tackle the Banker or the Player odds. 

Fact: Did you know that Baccarat has one of the least house edges among all casino-based card games? Yes, with just 1.06%, you will end up paying money to the dealer rather than losing money to the house by betting, when you play Baccarat. 

Baccarat Table Betting PositionsOne of the easiest card-based games to learn, Baccarat is the ideal entry-level casino game. Having one of the lowest house edges, playing Baccarat allows you to win even more than Blackjack but the awareness of the gameplay a key role. I will be explaining everything you need to know about the game, starting from the table positions. 

The simple answer to the question how many betting positions are on a baccarat table is 14. A total number of 14 seats are occupied in betting positions corresponding to the number on the layout spread across the table. 

You may immediately notice that No. 13 seat/position does not exist on most tables as it carries an ingrained superstition, and who wants to take chances while gambling? As a consequence of the skipped number 13, number 14 in actuality becomes number 15 in terminology. 

Yet another tale of superstition is about number 4. In many Baccarat tables, number 4 is omitted because Oriental cultures consider the number 4 as unlucky. 

How Many Betting Positions are there on a Baccarat Table?

There are 14 betting positions on a baccarat table, which are numbered from 1 to 15 except the number 13. This is because casino players are a little superstitious and they consider 13 as an unlucky number.

Therefore, the 13th player is made to sit on the 14th seat whereas the 14th player sits on 15th position. Bear in mind that the seating arrangement doesn’t have any impact on the game.

The U-shaped Baccarat Table

Shaped like a horseshoe, players may sit in any of the 14 numbers and players tend to pick their favourite number, proximity to the dealer or other personal reasons but the game stays the same regardless of the seat number you pick. 

How Many Betting Positions are there on a Baccarat Table

As far as the positions are concerned, there are 6. Position 1 is called the ‘Caller’ (Croupier), positions 2 and 3 are occupied by the dealer, 4th position is for the Drop Box, 5th is the Discard Trays, and the last position 6 is where the tips box resides. 

All the players usually place the chips (bet wager) on either banker or player written right in front of them and the dealer deals the cards for everyone at once. The two other dealers who are usually standing take care of the bets placed on the outer sides of the table, depending on the choices made by the players. 

There is a position of Tie bets right ahead and across the table is where the card shoe is placed for the convenience of the dealer. As a custom, the dealer has a commission or tip box for everyone just within reach. 

The Many Dealers

The dealer has her/his own stack of chips to distribute to players as they win, and this is kept a close eye on by the casino at all times. As you get acclimated with the table, the game of Baccarat moves on quickly so it pays to learn what every single card means, mainly beyond the point of 9 main cards. 

The dealers are in charge of the game. Managing and handling the complete game, the three dealers hand you the chips in exchange for money, trade them during the game, deal the chips during the game, payout winning bets, and at the end of each shoe, collect a 5% commission. 

As mentioned earlier, the third dealer who is also referred to as ‘Caller’ stands on the opposite side of the dealer who is seated in the middle of the U-shaped table. Incharge of urging players to place bets, the Caller calls the cards, either for Player or Banker and at the end calls the winning bets after each round. 

Noticing all the action unfold on the table, the Ladderman plays the referee by resolving any & all issues that may arise during the game. As a safety measure to back the Ladderman, almost all the casinos have cameras monitoring every table 24/7.

The Mini Baccarat Table

As we are pondering on how many betting positions are on a Baccarat table, it becomes imperative to be knowledgeable about mini Baccarat tables as well. Many online and smaller casinos have to keep the novice gambler from getting overwhelmed so the mini table helps to keep things simple. 

While the bigger table seats up to 14 players, a mini Baccarat table entertains no more than 7 players. Usually ranging between 4 & 7, the mini table has gained popularity just like mini cricket, T20 format did in India. Remember, the number 4 is still left out in many mini tables as well. 

Wagers variating between ₹100 to ₹1000, the mini Baccarat usually poses less risk and this is one of the reasons for the gain in popularity as well. The caller either stands or sits in the middle of the table, at the back, just like in the bigger table and has possession of the chip rack as well. 

Every player has their own Banker and Player columns designated to where they are seated and bigger Banker and Player labels are placed closer to the dealer for her/his convenience. The players just need to place their chips either on the Banker or the Player for each bet and the dealers take care of the rest. 

Other Sized Tables

Baccarat is one of the favourite card games of the French and they surely have their own table sizes. Called as ‘Chemin de Fer’ and ‘Punto Banco’, the French find a sweet spot of anywhere between 6 to 9 player positions in a Baccarat table. 

A popular Monte Carlo variation of Deux Tableau throws caution to the wind by seating 16 people around a table and it is often said the best of dealers from across the world are hired to deal for Deux Tableau. 

Online Baccarat Table Positions

Eliminating the real estate constraints completely, many online casinos in India offer a virtual one-on-one Baccarat playing experience. Also available to be played live, you may opt to get a much real-to-life experience by playing with a real dealer and other contestants as well. 

The table positions are similar. Ranging between 1 to 6 players, and sometimes 9, you often play either mini or midi table of online Baccarat. The one-on-one sessions feel extremely personal and you can rest assured that your concentration is locked in on every card the dealer draws. 

The advantage of playing online Baccarat is the personalised experience and the convenience of playing any style or strategy, without the stress of onlookers weighing you down. The three main facets you see on the table are Player, Banker, and Tie in the middle and you just place your virtual chips on one of these. 

The commission, clearing the shoe, strategies, and everything else is pretty similar to playing Baccarat in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas but the cards display bigger numbers & symbols for betting visibility. 

The Right Way to Play Baccarat

Once you are entirely acquainted with all kinds of Baccarat table positions, learning the right way to play Baccarat is easier than ever. From 2 to 9, it is fairly straightforward so let me remove the hassle of explaining the extreme basics, and rather explain what every other cards’ value is. 

While every number card carries the face value, Ace carries 1, Joker, Queen, and King carry 0, and people stumble most at 10 as it also carries a value of 0. Remember, numbers are everything in Baccarat and the highest value of the cards added to one another must be 9. 

For instance, in a sequence of 3+4=7, and a sequence of 5+4=9, the latter is obviously greater when things change when the resulting number exceeds 9. When 9+5=14, you remove 1 to bring the value to lower than 9 so it ends up at 4, same as 7+5=2. 

Another example is the addition of cards that don’t carry a number. K+Q=0, so the dealer draws a third card here hopefully it’s an 8 or a 9 or you may lose the game. Likewise, K+Q+3=3 and if the cards drawn on the other side results in a bigger number (within 9), he wins the game. 

The whole idea of being aware of the table positions before actually playing is not to be overwhelmed with the number of players or spots around you or to get distracted. When you learn the tricks & trades of sticking to a game plan and playing your own hand, without letting serotonin or the dopamine carry you away, it is a mastery in its own. 

Speaking of tricks, Baccarat may be a simple game but mathematics has a solution to everything that involves numbers so hoping that you’re now aware of all the varieties of tables used in Baccarat, and let’s discuss tricks & strategies a little. 


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Baccarat Winning Tricks & Strategies

Almost every single rookie makes one mistake, chasing their losses. It is more than just a rule of thumb not to chase after the winning bet because it is known for centuries that chasing your losses is the slippery slope most gamblers fall for. So, to make better choices whilst being aware of the Baccarat table betting position and the game itself, knowing simple strategies is necessary.

1. Flat Betting Strategy

It may sound easy but players find it extremely tough to stick to placing bets consecutively on either Banker or Player. Flat betting is all about this. 

Choose if you’re betting on Banker or Player before hand and start playing Baccarat. Regardless of Player winning a few games, you stick to your plan and place bets on Banker. My personal suggestion is to place Flat bets on Banker rather than Player as the odds favor Banker a tad more. 

2. Chop Betting Strategy

Chop is bringing variation to Flat betting. Once again, the trick is to start the game with the plan of chop and not introducing the idea in the middle of the game impulsively. Chop is when you’re placing flat bets consecutively on Banker but after losing 2 bets, shifting to Player for a single bet. 

Remember that after more than 3 bets going the Player way, the odds of bets favouring Banker again are higher so place a single bet on Player and jump right back to placing bets on Banker. 

3. The 1324 Baccarat Strategy

Yet another simple baccarat strategy propagated by experts and highrollers, following the 1324 plan gives you peace of mind while playing. Simply bet ₹100 for 1, ₹300 for 3, ₹200 for 2, and Rs. 400 for 4 and stick to this plan. But there is more to this idea. 

As you’re placing bets, the moment you lose, start the system again by placing a  100 bet and do this everytime the bet goes against you. The idea is to lose less and win more and the 2 in the third place is to balance the equation. 

These are some of the basic strategies you can entertain as a beginner but works as effectively for a pro as well. There are many other complex strategies like the Martingale, D’Alembert and others which can add a lot more spice to this fast-paced game of cards. 


Learning the ropes of a game is not enough when there is money involved, learning about the said rope is also important. 

Apply the knowledge gained about the table positions, basics, and strategies to place bets of all denominations and you are sure to win more than lose. Get cracking and start playing free demo’s offered on many Indian online casinos and eventually win big. You can thank me later. 

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