In-depth Blackjack Strategies using the Martingale System

March 10, 2021
Martingale System fpr blackjack

Assuming that you know how to play Blackjack online, I’m sure you must have used various strategies and techniques to help increase your chances of winning at this popular casino game. But ever tried blackjack strategy using the Martingale system? 

The Martingale system is one of the most preferred strategies while playing blackjack. If you haven’t thought of it until now, then it’s not too late.

Let me explain it to you in detail today.  

The Basics of Blackjack

Blackjack, one of the most popular casino games, is actually an American variation of a banking game known as Twenty One (closely related to Pontoon and Vingt-et-un). In the game, you compare cards between a player or more and a dealer. 

Each player is essentially competing with the dealer and not against each other. The game is played with one to eight French decks of 52 cards (52-416 cards). It is currently the most popular casino banking game in the world. 

Blackjack is essentially a game of chance, and apart from basic knowledge, it would seem like you wouldn’t require any skills, whatsoever, to win. And every gambler will tell you “The house always wins”, because a lot of the time that’s really the case. 

But what if you could have an edge over the casino house? What if there was a strategy that you could use to make the game work for you? Brace yourself because you are about to discover that advantage reading this. 

I am going to share the Martingale System and how it can help your Blackjack pay off. 

Let me start with a little background. 

In the 18th century, the biggest casino house in the UK was owned by a man named John Henry Martingale (some accounts record Martindale) and he developed a negative progression betting system that could be used to make sure that you are most likely to make a profit when you play. 

It is based on a theory that is best explained as “no one can lose every single time they try.” And it might seem crude and maybe even unrealistic and unwise, but casino experts all over the world have pointed out the effectiveness of the strategy and you should open up your mind to it. 

What is the Martingale System? 

The Martingale System of betting is a system with negative progression where, in situations when you lose, you double your share by the next turn, and when you win, you lower your stake

It is designed so that the player can either break even or leave with at least a small profit. With every loss, you go higher such that when you win, you can cover losses apart from making a profit. 

– It is minimally complicated and easy to use – but  still requires regular training and practicing. It also mandates  discipline and self-control to keep up without derailing. 

The Martingale System Strategy  

I’ve talked about how the system is structured to make you profit or at least allow you breakeven as you play. This involves doubling the stake with every loss and restarting at the base stake, the stake at the start when you win. 

Here’s an example of the Martingale System in action. Let’s assume that you play a few hands with wins and losses, and it progresses this way:

  • Hand 1 – ₹10 – Loss
  • Hand 2 – ₹20 – Loss
  • Hand 3 – ₹40 – Loss
  • Hand 4 – ₹80 – Loss
  • Hand 5 – ₹160 – Win

A ₹160 win is exciting. You have made ₹160 in profit. But you also lost ₹150 trying to recover  so your profit is only ₹10 same as it would have been if you had won first hand. 

It’s also very important to note that old & new casino sites as well as physical casinos are aware of this blackjack strategy.  

Whether you are playing in a live casino or decking your hands at conventional rounds, there are systems in place to make sure that there are ways in which the casino houses maintain their edge. 

One of the major ones is the high limits or maximum bets. If you keep losing, there will be a point at which multiplying by 2 will exceed the maximum limit and if you don’t win the maximum limit, you can’t get back any of your losses. Casino games are all about improving your chances at winning. 

In practice, if you run a 6 hand sequence starting at ₹10, before you play there are already 64 possible sequences. 

  • You might win in 32 of the outcomes every single time, and at the end you make ₹320. 
  • You have 16 possible outcomes of winning after 1 loss, at the end of which you make ₹160. 
  • 8 of the possible outcomes where you win after 2 losses, at the end of which you make ₹80. 
  • 4 of the outcomes in which you win after 3 losses, at the end, you make ₹40.
  • 2 outcomes with you winning after 4 losses, at the end of which you make ₹20.

One of the outcomes will have you win after losing 5 times. You, therefore, make only ₹10. And there are 63 possibilities when you play. Hence, there is a 63/64 chance that you’ll at least make some profit. 

But you must  note that there is a chance of 1 in 64 – that you will lose everything and might as well leave empty-handed. 

Varieties of the Martingale System for Blackjack

There  are different variations in the ways that the Martingale System can be applied to achieve slightly different results but in the same line and maintaining the particular goal of making a profit. 

The central principle of the Martingale System for Blackjack is essentially maintained in all these varieties, but they are engineered to provide profit or minimize risk in a different way. 

The 3 major variants of the Martingale System for Blackjack are:

1. The Classic Martingale System

This is the commonly known and most popularly described method. It involves you to double after a loss and restart after every win. It is the easiest variation to apply. 

2. The Mini Martingale System

This is a safer, slower variation of the classic system. In this system, you place personal limits on doubling the follow-up stakes. This limits the extent of loss that they can incur while playing. 

It has been described to be less risky, as in the short term, the losses accumulated are less and when wins are made, they cover up more comfortably for losses made previously. You can say “slow and steady wins the race” is the principle of this mini system. 

3. The Grand Martingale System

This is a variant of the classic Martingale system that could be described, most comprehensively, as aggressive. 

You apply this system with an aim to maximize your winnings while braving increased risks. Here, when you double after a loss, you also add a sum to it. This way when you win, you cover your losses and also add extra from the winnings apportioned to the extra on the stake that birthed the win. 

Advantages of using Martingale System for Blackjack 

Blackjack and Martingale System

Here are some of the most important benefits of using the Martingale System while playing blackjack:

1. Easy to learn and use

Whether you are gambling online or in a land-based casino, this method is simple to learn and easy to apply. Even experts and long-time casino heads swear by it. 

This method is also a great way for you to come up with your own strategies. It isn’t excessive with streaks, so it teaches you to be 100% disciplined. It also teaches patience with seemingly bad streaks. 

In general, when you learn it, you learn that there is no rush in gambling. In all honesty, that is one lesson that will help you stay safe whenever you play, whether you use this system or not. 

2. Short term cash flow

In the short term, you can always stay assured that one way or another, you’re more likely to win and cover losses and even add the profits of the base stake. This means that as long as you have situations where you are not empty-handed and you haven’t crossed the table limits, you are doing amazing.

3. Adds thrill to the game

Excitement! Very rapid heartbeat and having to stay stable under the pressure of accumulated losses, or the laid back smile that comes with having a good streak and knowing that this money will serve a very great value for your bankroll, either that day or for other games. 

And why play anything at all if you aren’t excited and are not having a great time? 

This system brings out the calm and collected gambler in every situation and puts a smile on their face no matter what the chips look like. You’re having fun and you’re almost assured that there’s a win in every case for you. 

4. You almost never lose if you could keep going

The whole system is designed to make sure that you can, mathematically, never lose. In theory, with every 50-50 chance to win or lose with every hand played is a new and at least one of these chances should go in your favour. 

When a win happens, you are in a good position to start a new attempt towards a new win for the profit. 

On the other hand, when you lose, you can almost be assured that you can go again until you land a win and start again to get another win and make more profit. 

5. You are in charge of the base stake, the doubling extent, the depth of losses allowed

One great thing about this method and its variants alike is how with each bet you can say for certain that this is your aim and each win or loss is directed towards a particular goal. A goal that you set for yourself. 

The system has rules but doesn’t impose to the extent that it feels constricting on the style of play or work towards profit and the consolidation of losses alike. You apply the system as a guide but still maintain autonomy throughout. 


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Disadvantages of using Martingale System for Blackjack

There are also certain limitations that are inherent to the system that would also put a dent in its reliability. 

Here are the drawbacks of using Martingale System for Blackjack:

1. Based on false Probability

The very first issue with the reliability of this gambling system is the theory upon which it is based. It is mathematically deductible, but it is entirely possible for you to play until infinity and lose every single time you try. 

That is, in itself, is scary for all forms of gambling ventures. The Martingale System is just worse off because it promises you that all you need is that one time, that singular win. 

I hate to be that guy, but what if that win never comes? What happens next for you? This is a big problem for skeptics of the Martingale system. 

2. Works best for players with really big bankrolls

I can assume that you have the chance to play until you win and that you might win if you go again and again. How far can you double before your bank account is in the red? 

Streaks of all kinds are common in gambling. Winning streaks are prayed for. They are a sign that all of the odds are currently in your favour and you can cash out on that. 

Losing streaks, especially when lasting long, are very demoralising. And apart from the morale depletion, you have to deal with the risk of losing twice as much money as you did the hand before. Now that’s a whole lot to carry. 

3. Casino countermeasures

I have said that the method being developed by a casino owner just makes it seem like it would more profit them than it would you. That’s generally scary to imagine. 

Then you couple that with the fact that they also set in future measures that stop you continuing, which would appear on the surface to be in your best interest, stopping your loss streaks from lasting too long and taking too much but really it also stops you from making big enough recoveries after loss streaks. 

4. Losses can be damaging

Sometimes, you win when you start again. And sometimes you lose a whole lot more than winnings can cover. For any undisciplined player, the losses they incur while fighting to get back to base, maybe even to break even. In fact, they can be so extensive and irreparable that they would’ve been better off at home using their base stake to buy a nice warm meal. 

Sometimes the gamblers go so far that they have nothing left. The damage begins to go beyond them to affect their lives and livelihoods, their families. It can almost easily go down the dark path. 

5. Profits often do not match the risk

This is a personally worrisome attribute. The risks are great. And they get greater with each loss. But the profits, when they do exist, don’t bear a semblance to the risks braved to earn them. 

The joy of getting your money back and some change often pales in comparison to the heartache each loss gave. A lot of times, it isn’t as fun as it should be because the stakes don’t come from a place of comfort as they usually should. 

The Reverse or Anti-Martingale System 

Before I go, I want to mention that there’s a Martingale System variant that matches risk with reward. I should also advise caution that it doesn’t come with a safety net at all. So one loss might just do you in. 

The Anti-Martingale System or the Reverse Martingale System of betting is a variant of the classic Martingale system where you double after every win. 

It is best applied to maximize your winning streaks. This is sometimes seen as a betting system of its own with twists and variants created to either reduce risk or further increase winnings. 

However, if you choose to play it, you must recognize when you have gone too far and need to pull back before a single loss decimates all of the good winnings of the day. 


So, there you have it! A new system to guide you through gambling in Blackjack. It is easy for anyone to learn and apply whenever they feel like. 

Even experts use it to keep their profits as well as their losses in check. There are variants to make it work better matching you and your gambling goals. 

If you’re disciplined enough, this system might just be how you hack gambling, not only in Blackjack but across many games. You should always remember that it is, however, not foolproof and the house is set up to always win. 

Play blackjack online today and put the strategy to a test! Be smart and may the odds be ever in your favour. Happy Gambling!


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