6 Best Andar Bahar Tricks to Help You Be the Reigning Champion

If you’re eagerly rubbing palms for Andar Bahar tricks like waiting your turn for spicy vada pavs, let me restate this, as I have always before. In a game of chance, things you can do to stack odds in your favour are awfully limited if not none.

So don’t be carried away by delusive tricks that assure a deluge of rewards. Instead, be realistic and follow a disciplined wagering strategy to increase your winning odds.

The Andar Bahar card game tricks that I am about to reveal are important, especially to save your money from sinking. Don’t make the noob mistakes that everyone else does the first time only to end up with eroded finance and anxiety in a couple of game rounds because your odds of winning in Andar Bahar is no more than flipping a coin and predicting the coin face.


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Before I list them to you, here are a couple of things to read.

Facts About Andar Bahar Game

Astonishing, Andar Bahar or Katti originated in South India. Its humble origin can be traced to Bengaluru, Karnataka. Understanding the game rules is plain sailing and doesn’t require chips, wheels, or card tables. The ease of playing anywhere, anytime is what makes Andar Bahar a favourite pastime for Indian players.

Today, full-fledged gambling websites are accepting online wagers across the world on a virtual table. The event is hosted live via a high-speed network where a dealer handles the deck and card movements in real-time for each player.

Here are some fun facts about the game:

  • Andar and Bahar are Hindi words which translates “inside” and “outside”
  • Andar and Bahar is also known as “Katti” or “Mangatha”
  • It originated in Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Number of players are unrestricted and anyone can join a round
  • It’s a fast-paced game of luck where the winning odds per player are 50-50
  • Knowing rules and understanding the game flow improves the outcome
  • Mobile versions of Andar Bahar lets players bet and play the game rounds on the go

Understanding the Andar Bahar Game

Andar Bahar can be hypnotising to first-time gamblers because after they have gotten past the initial apprehension, often the inner voice will be egging to raise stakes to snatch a desperate win. After each round, they’ll be roused to wager more because the desire to win can be tough to resist.

andar bahar winning tricks

Here’s what every sane player must know before getting started:

The Game Rules

The game can be played with only a single deck of cards and players have a 50% probability of predicting the winning hand. Before each player are two spots or boxes.

On their left is “Andar”, and “Bahar” is to the right. An initial face-up card is dealt, the player gets to pick a side of his or her choice.

More cards drawn from the same deck are placed successively on the Andar and Bahar sides till a matching card is revealed and placed in one of the boxes. If the matching card lands on the side where the player has waged, the round is completed and the winner is declared.

Note: The colour of the card suit decides where the first card lands. Black suit cards are placed in the Andar side, and a red suit goes to Bahar. No wager will be accepted when the card face is being revealed.

Here’s a step by step process in an Andar Bahar round:

  • Step 1: The dealer accepts the player’s bet and draws 13 cards from a deck of 52 and deals it across the table. The players get to pick a card while the remainder is returned to the deck.
  • Step 2: The dealer collects the unselected cards and shuffles it once more before being dealt. The dealing sequence starts with Andar if the card is from a black suit and Bahar if red.
  • Step 3: After two cards are dealt on either side, the player calls the bet to ensure table maximum.
  • Step 4: The remaining cards are alternatively dealt into each side till no more cards are left. At this point, the player only spectates while cards are revealed one after another.
  • Step 5: The round is finished when the player’s initial card is the same as the one revealed in the box. The player is declared a winner if the speculation is true.

Ace the Game with these Andar Bahar Winning Tricks

Being a game of pure chance, there are no greater Andar Bahar tricks than being alert and restrained from the urge to exaggerate stakes.

andar bahar card game tricks

A winning hand comes unpredictably and so do the losing streaks. It is part of the game design to make each round thrilling. Below are a few popular Andar Bahar card game tricks you can teach yourself to win and keep your earnings:

1. Deception with cheat gizmos

It’s isn’t unheard of for gamblers to use James Bond-like cheat devices to get lucky at real money casinos, but most push their luck too far ending up in a casino blacklist.

Not something you’d want if you’re frequenting top casinos in India or anywhere in the world because that could mean you would forever be shut out of casino privileges and games. Not that I endorse its use, but a fraction of gamblers get away unflagged.

Cheat devices are designed to look like body contraptions or camouflaged gizmos. It is one of many ways to fatten wallets from games like Blackjack when combined with a shrewd mathematical skill.

In the case of Andar Bahar, people resort to card decks that are deceptively marked by invisible ink. If you are a regular at shady casinos, expect to see deftly moving fingers denying you the win after each round.

In legit casinos with cameras and trackers, it’ll be miraculous to win with cheat gadgets because winning streaks can invite all eye balls to the player. If found guilty, the player could be evicted with all gains forfeited.

2. Multiplying bets with martingale strategy

The odds of winning an Andar Bahar round is 50-50. At any given instance, players are allowed only two options to predict where the matching card lands. I frequently see desperate gamblers throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks.

Unfortunately, in Andar Bahar, there’s only a small number of ways to turn odds in their favour. Speaking of which, there’s one in particular called the Martingale strategy.

According to this method, a player doubles the bet after each loss hoping to recover from a winning hand. It worked splendidly in many even-money games, the only caveat is to have a sizeable bankroll ready to stomach losses in a losing streak. It’s certainly not for the faintest heart.

3. Decoding the game rules

I often see oozing confidence and smug looks on new gamblers melt into anxiety and resentment because they ignored the only cardinal tenets of a game of luck.

Andar Bahar doesn’t have a rulebook to by-heartlike in the case of Black Jack because the outcome is probabilistic like rolling a dice. Therefore, predicting where the matching card lands is impossible.

I have covered the basics of how to play Andar Bahar in the above section so you can stay abreast of rules. Spending a few minutes to understand the game helps you beat addiction and avoid denting your finances because no matter how restrained your actions are, the risk in live games is that it over-stimulates and prevents you from thinking strategically.

In every round, the main card is crucial because it serves as a reference while wagering. Whatever you do, don’t zone off during the round.

4. Resisting the urge to overspend

Keeping an eye on betting amounts is one of the first things veteran gamblers do. It’s easy to lose track of your dwindling account in the heat of each round until you’ve overshot the budget and accrued unimaginable losses that can’t be recovered by the best of strategies.

You could be staring at a tantalising glimpse of what you might have achieved if you’d played sensibly than going past your limits to absorb losses.

Andar Bahar is a lucrative opportunity to make money with lightning-fast betting sans the mumbo jumbo, and it does pay if you’re in luck.

On the contrary, losses are additive inverse or attritional, so you’ll have to focus on your bets and make quick calls while staying within the budget you’ve planned beforehand.

5. Smaller bet size

Placing smaller bets is another andar bahar strategy to resist accruing losses. All you need to do is start with small wagers and gradually increase stakes.

The game is quick and you will have little time to adjust your betting value between rounds. Therefore, the safest approach is to start with a smaller bet size to last longer between rounds.

If you’re lucky, the winning hand will make you eligible for middling gains. On the contrary, a losing streak won’t make you sulk because you’d still be within your actual budget.

The only time to contemplate adjusting your wager is when you’ve made significant winnings. Betting small lets you accumulate smaller gains to balance your risk while see-sawing between losses and gains.

6. The side bet trick

Side bets in Andar Bahar exist solely to add extra mirch to the regular game. Players can separately play the side bets or combine with the main hand bet.

The side bets will see players picking cards matching with the “joker” card before the last card is dealt. In general, side bets pay better because of multipliers that can reach as high as 120:1.

The side bet strategy is undemanding and warrants the player to only speculate the count of cards that will be dealt till a matching card is revealed.

The player must make an intelligent guess because each deck has 51 cards, of which three are matching cards. The house advantage decreases as more cards are dealt because it increases the player’s probability of finding a match.

If you’d ask me, I’d always swear by the mid ranges because modest gains come from bet size in the range of 11-15 and 16-25 where gains are 5.5:1 and 15:1 consequently.

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Variants of Andar Bahar Game

andar bahar tricks

Andar Bahar has 4 variants much like other table games with variations. Some of them include:

  • Live Andar Bahar: A live round is streamed over the Internet where the play is accepted from all over the world. The dealer will handle card for players and declare winners of payouts.
  • Online Andar Bahar: A random number generator based software with GUI accepts wagers and declares winner from each round without a live dealer. The online software is usually audited by an independent body to ensure fairness.
  • Multiplayer Andar Bahar: It’s similar to the online Andar Bahar sans the dealer. You can play a round with buddies or other players via the Internet. In this format, the interaction between players is allowed but selection of the player’s main card isn’t permitted.
  • Video Andar Bahar: You can participate in a real-time game hosted on a cheat-proof software with a dealer handling the cards. Despite the real-time feature, the live chatting is disallowed.


Andar Bahar or Katti is popular among ardent Indian gamblers because rules are set simple and there isn’t a whole gamut of glossary to grasp before your first match. The dealer will do most of the dealing, shuffling, and declaring the outcome.

On the other hand, you must pick a strategy discussed in this write-up and stick to it until your luck shines. Andar Bahar has many variations whose benefits I’ll save for later for the sake of brevity.

Whether it’s the main bet or side bet, Andar Bahar is easy to play where the player only needs to call in (Andar) or out (Bahar) to match the initial card with the second card.

As per the game rules, the winner is declared when the matching card lands in the speculated side. The side bets offer generous payouts that typically range from 3.5:1 to 120:1.

This is what I find attractive and I am sure you’ll too. I hope you’ve learned the most valuable Andar Bahar tricks on how to pit yourself against real money casinos in a real game.

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