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Casino Affiliate Disclosure

Reviewing online casinos is our full-time task and while we go the extra mile in ensuring every information is fact-checked, we are constantly on a path to enhance our research processes, our team’s knowledge, and our website design. However, we can’t fund the high expenses of maintaining the site by ourselves.

  • 100% Transparency
  • Unbiased opinions
  • Player-centric content

For any online business to thrive, transparency is crucial, which is why we take immense pleasure in inviting you to read about our casino affiliate disclosure. This is mainly to make you aware and help you understand how and where we get funds from to keep (ICG) up and running while bringing you the safest online casinos in India.

First things first, why affiliates?

This website is now our business. We started running this site full-time in just a year after its launch. You might wonder how this can be a business since we don’t sell anything. Right? Well, let us explain.

We drive funds for our website via affiliate links for two reasons:

  • One, our site doesn’t have any ads and we would like to keep things that way. While advertisements are one of the primary sources of income for a majority of websites, the user experience (UX) often takes a toll. 
  • Two, we do not accept any form of monetary compensation to write reviews. So, there’s no outside influence. But to keep this project alive, affiliate is the only revenue stream we have.

What’s an affiliate link by the way?

An affiliate link is a way to generate income through referrals online. Simply put, if you click on any of our CTAs (that redirect to a casino site) and go on to register and play from there, we earn a small commission or incentive for it.

Now, does this mean we link to any random casino in the greed to make money? Absolutely not!

The truth is, we have gladly refused financial incentives from many such businesses, so we could continue offering what’s best to our players and readers.

That’s not all. We have even incurred issues just to give our commitment to ethics. Over time, we have realized that a few companies aren’t too fond of our unbiased criticisms! But given the choice between offering an honest review and earning more money, we would (without any second thought) pick the latter.

How does affiliate work?

Like we said, every time a player clicks on our affiliate link, we receive a small commission. This incentive is moderate and helps us to keep going. Not just that, it also ensures that there aren’t any pesky ads coming your way while reading any information on our site. Please note that visiting any of the online casinos via our affiliate link won’t change your experience.