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About us

Indiancasinoguide.in (ICG) is more of a passion project. Launched in 2020, ICG was created in response to the growing threats and frauds from unethical gambling websites and rogue operations in the Indian market, which made it horrifying for players to find the right and safe place to play online.

  • Experienced and dedicated team
  • Unbiased opinions about casinos
  • Well-researched, engaging content
About indiancasinoguide.in

Picture this scenario: Let’s say you are excited in betting and playing on an upcoming game. Being new to the online gambling industry, you end up Googling “Best online casino sites in India” to help you find the ideal options. You then scroll through a few links and then pick a website that has plenty of games, looks reliable, and even says that it’s licensed by some renowned Caribbean regulatory body.

What happens next: You register for a new casino account, deposit funds, and even place wagers. Everything seems fine. But then, something unimaginable happens: you win a jackpot! Next, for the very first time you ask for a withdrawal. A few days pass and there’s no action.

So, you try again but this time taking an email to the customer support as well. Then, a horribly-written email comes to your inbox, telling you that your amount will reach your account soon. You wait for some more days and get impatient. Then you hop online to see the status of your raised request. But the moment you enter the website’s URL, it throws an error and you realize that the website has been taken down.

Since the casino site was hosted overseas, there’s no way to recover your funds. Now, this is the exact experience thousands of Indian players have gone through and still happens quite often to this day.

In fact, it was after being scammed by many “genuine-looking” casino websites that our tiny team of gambling experts came together to create a place where we could share our honest experiences about different online casinos so that Indian players could find only the most reliable, legitimate, and safest platforms to engage with. That’s how ICG was born.

Who are we?

We are a small team of committed gamblers with 10+ years of experience in playing different casino games on various platforms. Our main objective is to create a ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything related to gambling and the ideal way to do that is by giving 100% transparent and unbiased casino reviews.

Indiancasinoguide.in (ICG ) is a review platform to help Indian players with regulated casinos, incredible offers, value-added bonuses, and engaging gameplay. We research and bring the best gambling operators to your table and, in an effort to do so, we hope our website will be useful to both new and pro players.

We don’t stop there. Besides listing the casino recommendations, we go the extra mile by continuously adding extra content to help and support players after they have found their favorite casino site.

What do we do?

We research, review, and rank various gambling platforms to feature the ones that have a proper license, boast great bonuses, and accept Indian rupees. Prior to writing a casino review, we actually play-test the platform to make sure it meets our stringent evaluation criteria.

One thing that you can be assured of: We aren’t influenced by any third parties while writing our casino reviews. We assess the casinos with utter genuinity and we write reviews based on our personal opinions.

Principle we live by: We don’t accept any monetary compensation for writing reviews and that’s why the outcome is always unbiased and honest.

Though ICG started out as a passion project with a pure intention to starve out all the scammers by guaranteeing that no Indian player falls into fraud schemes again, it has evolved. While the passion persists, our mission has certainly expanded in scope.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a single, comprehensive spot where players can feel safe, knowing that anything we publish will be helpful and accurate.

We bring a better and transparent way of finding reputed casino operators who go by the rules and respect their players. Not just that. As a team of zealous gamblers, we understand how disappointing it can be to see casino operators not being serious and dedicated enough to bring their ‘A’ game. We want to be helpful by giving constructive criticism of such platforms while making your choice easier.

What makes us different: Our ability to assist players with the best gambling providers, educate novice bettors so that they approach playing at online casinos with utmost confidence and comfort while delivering a consistent stream of top-notch content.

Meet our tiny yet passionate team

For us, the idea was clear. We knew that the only way to get rid of casino scams from the internet was to put the ones doing them right in the spotlight.

To put ideas into action, we formed a team that consists of experienced writers, freelancers, and researchers who are passionate about gambling and have in-depth knowledge of the industry. We work hard to provide comprehensive and reliable reviews of online casinos, games, bonuses, and promotions, so you can trust our recommendations.

Indian casino reviews

René Sørensen

Managing Director & CTO

Behind our website stands a strong, skilled man who’s responsible for everything that Indiancasinoguide.in (ICG) is. Rene is the driving force, the solid base, the motivation, the passion, and the vision. He comes with immense experience in the gaming world and knows every nitty-gritty of it. He’s the true brain behind ICG and is part of every process, ensuring everything in the end sits with the players’ best interest.

patrick pedersen

Patrick Pedersen

Strategist and SEO Guru

There isn’t an SEO solution that Patrick can’t find! That’s why we call him the ‘SEO Ninja’ at times. Our guru in optimization takes complete care of the website’s silos, setting processes, market research, identifying strategies that work to boost online presence, traffic, performance, and amazing results. Being in the iGaming industry for 5+ years, he’s a driven member who always goes the extra mile in making things go from good to great.

Neha Surana

Neha Surana

Content Master, Growth Hacker

With content everywhere on our website, nothing would have been great if there wasn’t a master to manage it. Being in the online gambling industry for 6+ years, Neha turns mere words into value. She brings content into power and takes care that the information is well-written, fact-checked, and presented with gorgeous graphics — from casino reviews to in-depth gaming guides to blogs. She meticulously goes over the brands listed on our website.

A quick little info!

We are a part of Spudo!

Indiancasinoguide.in is a product of Spudo, an online marketing agency with a team of creative, passionate professionals who focus on generating valuable customers for casinos, sports and esports operators globally.

Spudo is well-connected to a community of brands, networks, publishers, and agencies plugged in, readily waiting to partner up. Not just that, we have the ideal building blocks to help businesses like yours to create any campaigns, workflows, or analytics you need.

Behind every new product and feature that’s aligned under Spudo, there’s an enthusiastic crew of UX designers, developers, account managers, marketers, and numerous other talents with incredible skills that go the extra mile in making awesome solutions for end users.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the gaming world, we have what it takes to deliver outstanding results for our clients in this competitive gaming industry.

At our core, we believe in the power of creativity and data-driven insights. Our marketing approach perfectly combines cutting-edge technology, strategic planning, and out-of-the-box thinking. We work tirelessly to create compelling campaigns that resonate with players and drive real business results for brands.